Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Well, folks, it's that time again – time for our midweek update. Now, normally, this would be our characters' chance to reveal their current whereabouts, but given our recent effort to pick the authors' brains, I've decided to open up this discussion for all creatures!

So, let's hear it, everyone! What have you been up to lately? Seen any interesting places? Encountered any vengeful demons? Found yourself in a spot of trouble, supernatural or otherwise?

Feel free to spill the details about all of your latest adventures – including, of course, any progress on your ongoing projects.

Remember, this day is for authors and characters alike!


Christine H said...

Marenya (and the book) are getting completely out of hand. I have to make some critical decisions as to the direction it's going to go, but it's really difficult. I'm enjoying this more modern flavor it's taking on at the moment, but it really doesn't jive with the overall story. But my test readers love it. So the question is whether to keep it or not.

I totally blame CIC for this. You have all liberated Marenya from her usually passive role and she has become much more interesting, but also more unmanageable. Epic heroines don't usually flirt with secondary characters.

Christine H said...

(Now I'm imagining Eowyn having a snog in the corner with Sam Gamgee. Or Arwen getting it on with Faramir.)

Laura Martone said...

Ooh, Arwen and Faramir! I wouldn't mind that so much... I find Faramir wicked sexy!

Aidan said...

Go Marenya.

Aidan said...

When the smoke blacked out Kaelin from my ken, I twisted and writhed in Asmodai's grip, cursing and hissing, shouting myself sick on God's name. I didn't think about being thirty feet up in the air. I didn't think about the trees whipping by beneath us. All I could think of was how I couldn't feel my brother any more, how my ken found nothing to hook onto, and the smoke swallowing him like a funeral shroud. All I thought of was getting away...I struck out and Asmodai caught my hand, tucking it back to my side like I was a paperclip.

Dead silent. Nothing but the wind. If Asmodai spoke--or laughed an evil cackle, more like--it was on some cosmic plane I couldn’t tap into.

I tried to pull him off with my other hand, slipped my hand under his fingers. His grip adjusted slightly and he punched through my palm with his claw. I won't kid you. It hurt like a bitch. My blood splattered back in the wind, slapping us both in the face like wet bullets at high velocity.

Asmodai screamed.

That I heard fine, with my ears, not my ken. He screeched like the banshee that stalked my dad and drove my mom away from us. It scraped my bones. It tore through my heart. He dove and whirled through the air, lopsided, fighting something. Fighting pain.

And then Asmodai fucking dropped me.

I tumbled from his grip, my shirt flapping. I hit the trees first. Branches slapped and scraped and stabbed me on the way down. And yeah. That's about all I remember of that.

Aidan said...

"Which one do you suppose he is?"

I'd heard the question too many times to not realize it was about me. I didn't open my eyes yet, though. I didn't know the voices. Weird in a town of 338. Even weirder out in B.F. Rocky Mountain National Park.

"How in Nine Hells would I know? One of them is a lefty I heard, but I forgot which one."

That'd be me.

And they'd be demi-demons. Rangers, most like. No one else talks about Nine Hells. Great. The Sentinel Cavalry was here.

I sent out a little thread of ken and felt...nothing. They might as well have been rocks.

"He's up," said the first.

Another voice, close, like they were leaning over my head. I felt breath on my cheek. "How do you know?"

Snap. "He just killed this poor innocent little vine here."

Someone kicked my boot. "All right, Aidan. Jig's up and so are you."

I opened my eyes and wished I hadn't. Daylight had broken through, panic on its heels. I blinked up at the two rangers standing over me. One of them grabbed my arm and hauled me to my feet without asking to see if I was okay. I'd mostly healed during my nap. Rangers would know that. More evidence they were Sentinel.

Still, I was sore all over. I swung at him in retaliation. He caught my arm easily and shoved me back a step.

"Feisty, are we?"

"Fuck off."

They exchanged glances with matching grey eyes, but that was where their resemblance ended. They guy who'd hauled me up had curly brown hair sticking out in all directions and old bleach tips. Goatee that needed a trim. Tanned legs sticking out of faded board shorts and the tattoo of a snake curling on his bare chest under his jeans jacket. That gave me pause. Sentinel had sent the equivalent of a Navy Seal to recover me.

The other was blond, shorter, windblown waves tucked behind his ears, gun show bared by a wife beater, and a big black tattoo where it mattered, to me at least. He caught me looking at it and held out his arm to show me the Celtic Knot we’d all borne since we were little kids.

"You guys don't look like rangers," I said.

"We're undercover."

I looked them both up and down. "Some cover."

The blond grinned. "Isn't he just the cutest thing when he's just waking up?"

"Adorable," the brown haired one said dryly, rising. He was as tall as me. He held out his hand. "Broken?"

I thought for a second and shook my head. We gripped forearms, medieval style, Sentinel style. A weird warmth spread through me and I jerked back, surprised.

He pursed his lips at me. "I'm Jason. This is my brother Marcus. Glad we found you."

"All of you," Marc said. "In one piece he means."

"Bonus," I said.
"Look, it’s great to meet you guys, but I got to get back. My brother--" I'm not thinking about the smoke. I'm not thinking about Asmodai throwing Kaelin down the stairs like he was an old towel.

"Yeah, him." Jason frowned.

Ice filled my chest. "What?"

"Your bro," Marc said. "He's, uh, not in too good a condition."

I looked from one to the other, but they felt like a rock to my ken. There was no penetrating them. I might as well have been in a cave.

"Like, dead condition?"

"Nine Hells no," Jason said. "Takes more than that to kill us, doesn't it? But he's done been fried, dude. It ain’t pretty."

I compassed my ken toward my house and started running.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

On the writing front, I just got good news. Can't announce until details are worked out. Also, I found out my last book QUENCHER is available on Kindle now. You can search under "Ainsley QUENCHER". Got a vampire chick on the cover.

Writing front, I'm working on final edits on a fantasy novel that I couldn't get representation for. I've got a line on some small presses that I think will work. And I'm working on THE SILVER SCAR, which is a future thriller set in Boulder. I hope to pawn that to agents later in the summer.
OH! And Electric Spec has a new issue out

Aaaand there's more but that's probably enough for now...

What's on with y'all?

Candt said...

Good for you, Sex, I admire you for really getting things out there!

And Aidan, I hope your author isn't leaving all your adventures on CIC.

As for me, I went through one of those panicky times of feeling trapped in one place, afraid this is IT in life for me. It was that old woman feeding ducks in the same pond her whole life that started it. I rushed back to the hotel and got into my Goth stuff, piercings and all. I felt better then. Me again.

Aidan said...

So far we only live here, Candy.

Laura Martone said...

SSAS, that's wonderful news! I can't wait to hear the details...

As for your tale about the boys, I can't wait for that either. I absolutely LOVE Aidan's smart-ass voice... always a compelling read - which I very much appreciate when I'm stuck in travel guide purgatory. So, cheers for that!

Candy said...

Oh, Aidan, tell your author to get you settled in a proper home so you can grow. This is like staying in a motel which vanishes after one night, you need a place to grow your roots.

Christine H said...

SSAS - That is excellent news!!! I was looking at your web page. You really are building a name for yourself and getting published. I Congratulations! Of course I'm curious as to what you can't tell us yet? Let me know if/when your fantasy novel is available.

I haven't tried to sell any stories yet. Just working on getting Faldur and Marenya out of my head and onto the page, and overcoming my fear of rejection.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

ASAP, guys, but thanks!

And Aidan got 1000 words last night. Problem is, he has no plot as of yet, so I hesitate to go much further. I loathe lengthy revisions. Plus, there's the issue of what to do with Kaelin, since this version is a first person tale. Sigh. No one said this writing gig would be easy. :)