Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Fun!

Today, we're trying something new. Here's the scene:

There is a knock on the door and your character goes to answer it. Instead of what he or she had been expecting, (girl scouts? the alien next door? a wizard with a few gnomes for tea?), there is a messenger with a very important letter for you. This letter has the potential to change your character's life.

What does it say?

And more important, what happens next?

Have fun, and be sure to thank David Jace for the idea!


Candy said...

Wow! I don't know what to think! That woman who runs this motel just shoved an envelope under my door. I couldn't guess who it could be from 'cause no one knows me up here and when I opened it, my god, I thought I'd keel over. It was from my great aunt. But she's dead! Said I was to forget my trip and head back to Rosehill in California immediately. I feel all lost and confused. I mean it's great if she's alive and all but I'd gotten used to her being gone and now I like knowing her as a girl and following her tracks. Oh shit!

I'm sure glad this isn't true! Weird, cause I felt awful when she jumped off the back of the ferry.

Aidan said...

Sentinel doesn't send letters, they sent my cousins to drag me back to be Lord Seer.

Devi Marconi said...

This reminds me of something that happened to me years ago... when I discovered that my estranged mother had just passed away. It was an event that utterly changed my life, but not in the way you might think.

You see, her funeral was back home in Kentucky - a place that I hadn't been back to in over 20 years. A place that wasn't far from my beloved Ruby Hollow... and the man I'd left behind as a teenager.

I wasn't certain, at first, if I should go... estranged as I'd been from not only my mother but my sister as well. Knowing that a proper goodbye was necessary, however, I ultimately decided to go - and for support, I took my youngest daughter, Olivia.

After the funeral - which was as horrible as I'd expected it to be - I made another important decision. I decided to take Olivia to Ruby Hollow for the first time - to see the underground world that she'd only heard about in bedtime stories - and the rest, as they say, is history.

Donna Hole said...
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Amy Thompson said...

The letter I'm thinking of came registered, and had to be signed for. No return address, except on the green label. I read the name and address with fear; all the past years coming starkly into focus in my memory.

The last day I'd seen my brother Chad I'd busted a wooden kitchen chair across his shoulders. And the side of his head I guess, as he dropped with a thud like an unopened bottle of Christian Brothers. The biggest one.

"Sign here please," the postman requested. Rather impatiently, I thought.

But I couldn't take the pen he offered. I stared, twisting the fat envelope over and over, my mind twirling with the possibilities.

"Lady; you'll never know if you don't sign for it. No charge, honest." He tucked the bright orange pen in my right hand and tucked his tablet under the letter.

I let go of both the pen and the envelope, stepped back without looking up, and slammed the door. Twisted the deadbolt. After a second's hesitation I turned the nearly useless knob lock too.

A barely audible curse. And he spit too. Then; "Hon - Mrs Mertz. You don't have to open it; just sign for it and trash it for all I care. I'll be back with it every day this week until you do."

I wasn't home the next day for the usual mail drop. Or the next. Another green slip waited in my mail on Saturday; an admonishment to pick up a registered letter at the post office. It hit the trash - at the grocery store.

Couldn't risk Cal finding the colorful bit of intrigue and rescuing the envelope from it return journey.

Faldur said...

It is yet another attempt by Mel to transfer me to the capital. I will refuse it again. He knows I won't leave until Marenya is safely married to someone suitable.

Ginger said...

It's a letter from my sister, saying she is coming to stay with me. and that she's pregnant.

the letter she never wrote. She just showed up on my doorstep!

David Jace said...

Zeus cursed as a loud knock on the door broke his concentration, and singed the tips of two fingers. Sighing, he used the fire extinguisher to put out the table edge, which had caught fire. Cultivating lightning rods was a tricky business. The person at the door knocked again, louder.

He roared in the direction of the front door, "Coming, for god's sake!"

He continued to grumble to himself as he walked to the door, which had the gall to knock again! He flung the door open and looked down on the mortal standing there. The man was dressed in what they now called business-casual and carried a large brown envelope.

"Hello. I'm looking for a Mr. Zeus?" He had the chipper tone of those whom no one wants to talk to.

"Yes?" Zeus raised an eyebrow at the mister. His name was more often prefaced with something more like 'the all-powerful.'

"Sign here, please." The mortal held up a pen and a clipboard. Zeus accepted the small writing instrument and signed the tablet. Who writes letters to Zeus anymore? Even when he'd been popular, it was usually quiet prayers, loud challenges, brave men scaling Olympus to see him in person, or scantily garbed priestesses that- Ah, the priestesses. How he missed those days!

Zeus tore open the envelope as the messenger inspected the signature. "What is this?" He pulled out multi-colored copies of papers filled with small print. He squinted at it, but it was no good. he'd left his glasses back in the solarium.

"That, sir, is a court order. You are to at this time cease and desist using the term "god" to identify yourself. It has been copyrighted.

"It's been WHAT?"

"Copyrighted. Martin Flimmel of New Jersey has copyrighted the name and insists that it not be used without his express, written permission."

"Why you insolent mortal!" Zeus raised his fist and a lightning bolt appeared, glowing bright white. The heat from it poured forth, breaking a sweat across the messenger's forehead."

"Actually, you aren't allowed to do that anymore, either. The Comic Book industry has jointly patented the idea of supernatural powers."

Zeus slammed the door forcefully behind him. He'd clean the scorched shoes off the porch later. He needed to call Hades.

Candy said...

Hey, David, I love it! The true story of Zeus - or why the gods now live with Puff the magic dragon.

Christine H said...

That was fantastic, David. Thanks for the idea!

Chris said...

It's a letter from my current employer. He's telling me to meet him down by the docks -I wonder what he'll make me do next.

"What's that?" Lewis asks, eying the letter suspiciously.

"Nothing," I tell him. I tuck the letter away in the safe, next to a small velvet bag. Lewis can't know about my employer. He'd try to stop this. Probably go to the police or something. I can't let that happen. The consequences would be too dire.

Lewis eyes the safe for one lasts moment, before going back to his writing. He knows I'm lying, of course. He's my best friend, and if it really was nothing he knows I'd tell him. But he'll drop it for now. I know he will.

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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Kaelin said...

I got a note from a girl in a bar once. Written on a napkin.

That was a wild night.

Aidan said...

Even though he's so frowny, the girls still like him. They like the brooders, I guess.

You also got your official notice of reinstatement as a Ranger-in-good-standing. That one came pony express. Pretty wild, those PE girls.

Kaelin said...

Don't remind me.

Aidan said...

Instead of stamps, the Pony Express gets alcohol. And no one parties like a PE girl after a hard ride.

Kae got the letter. I got the party.

Kaelin said...

Yeah, because you faked you were me.

Paul (Peace Keeper) said...

Hey, he still got the party. You have to give him credit for that.

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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David Jace said...
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David Jace said...

By the way, you're more than welcome for those that said thank you to me, but I really don't deserve any thanks. I'm just trying to help out, and I hope I'm not stepping on any toes. All the gratitude goes to the lovely ladies that run this blog and put in their own time, effort, and energy to make this happen. It is not an easy job to regularly think of something for a site like this, and they are doing a great job.

Send all my thank you presents to them, please.

*no, wait, not that one. yeah, no, the big one on the left. I want to keep that one. It's from Candy.*

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Sorry for fucking up the comment. Glad you found it amusing. I deleted it.

Laura Martone said...

Boy, I missed all the fun (that is, whatever comments were deleted). That'll teach me to work instead of visiting CIC.

David Jace said...

It's only fun if everyone is having a good time. I didn't mean to offend or hurt feelings.

prashant said...

I feel all lost and confused. I mean it's great if she's alive and all but I'd gotten used to her being gone and now I like knowing her as a girl and following her tracks.
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