Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Well, folks, it's that time again – time for our midweek update – and just to keep us all on our toes, why don't we open up this discussion for everyone – author and character alike?

So, let's hear it, guys, gals, and creatures! What have you been up to lately? Seen any interesting places? Encountered any wicked beasts? Found yourself in a spot of trouble, supernatural or otherwise?

Feel free to spill the details about all of your latest adventures – and remember, this day is for everyone!


Candy said...

I saw my Great Aunt's lover coming out of the house door and he really is a dream. Just like she described him. I said I was the census taker and he called inside for someone. In a few minutes a really old guy shuffled out, all bent over and pulling an oxygen tank. That was Him! How could I have been so stupid. Of course he'd be old by now. He was older than my G.Aunt then! The young guy was his grandson. They invited me in and I recognize the place from Alex's diary. I feel weird. Don't know whether I'm up or down. Sad mainly, I guess.

Jil said...

I went to an uplifting talk last Saturday. It was given by a successful writer who told how she'd received tons of rejections before snagging an agent but now has eight books out and more on the way.
She told of being at a party when an agent came up and introduced himself.She felt good saying, Oh yes, I remember you, you turned me down three times.
Wouldn't that be fun!
Someone suggested going with a small publishing house to get out there. (NOT self publishing) No agent needed and my friend had a positive experience doing this. Have you any thoughts on this?

David Jace said...

Make sure you check the publishing house out first. Use Predators & Editors or other similar author watchdogs. Also check the blogs/websites of agents such as Nathan Bransford, Pub Rants, or Writer Beware!

There are about as many "first dozen turned down" stories as there are successful authors. :)

Just promise not to forget us when you strike it rich!

Robert Crane said...

We're so polished and shiny my ears hurt. But, we're also queried.

Somethin better happen soon with book one cuz our author won't touch the other two until she gets a bite. Dang.

Wynter said...

A scene, a scene. I got a fight scene! Me, negotiating witht he Fae and the human Duke for the return of his son.

Who doesn't want to go back. He thinks he's in love with a faerie princess.

Well, it was just a scene, and I don't know how far into my story it will be used - my author is skipping around, writing what suits her fancy, and says she'll worry about stringing it all together later.

I hope I don't get confused with this crazy timeline.

Paul (Peace Keeper) said...

Robert, congratulations! Here's crossing fingers for you.

Wow, Wynter, that must be difficult. But hey, fight scenes are always fun, right?

Our author has been too busy to do anything with us at all. I feel so neglected.

Laura Martone said...

Oh, Candy, sometimes I wish I could follow in my relatives' footsteps as you're doing. My last remaining grandpa died yesterday - and I'm feeling pretty blue right now, wishing that I'd had the courage to ask him about his war years, and wondering about his experiences as a young man. Especially since he died in such a lonely, unhappy way.

Olivia Harper said...

Don't feel bad, Paul. Our author has been too busy with her "living" to do much with us either... even though she's had revision notes for a year now.

Candy said...

Oh laura, I'm sorry about your grandfather. My author regrets not asking more about the lives of her relatives and parents too. They were always in England while she was in Canada so she didn't get to see them much, which is a loss. It must be sad not having relatives around when your growing up.

'Course I say that now, but while I was growing up I hated having them there all the time, criticising and stuff.

Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Candy, I appreciate the kind words. I'm sorry your author has regrets, too - I guess we all do at times. I know regret is a futile emotion, but it's hard to avoid. Still, how does that saying go? Something about regretting the past only robs us of today... so true!

prashant said...

I feel weird. Don't know whether I'm up or down.
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