Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Fun!

Since it seems everyone had a good time with last week's Monday Fun, here's another:

You've been invited to a party. When you arrive, the house appears empty...

What happens next? Do you go away? Do you look in a window? Maybe you turn the knob and the door mysteriously opens! What then?

Have fun, and thank David Jace for the idea!


Candy said...

I'd go inside expecting all my friends to jump out yelling, "Surprise," because it is my birthday, although I don't think anyone knows. I'd call the host's name, then wander around, starting to feel pretty weird.
If laughter and music start coming through from next door I'd check the house number. OH, my gosh, It's the wrong address! I'd dash out hoping no one saw me and praying a silent burglar alarm hadn't gone off and the police weren't waiting with drawn guns.

But I don't have to worry 'cause I've got no friends to invite me anywhere anyway

Bo said...

What are you talking about, Candy? I've invited you to that little motel up the road a lot of times, but you always say no.

Kalila said...

If I found the house empty, I would think angry deities had kidnapped my friends and I would go rescue them.

And Bo, stop harassing Candy.

Candy said...

Bo, I really think you're sweet at heart, it's just the rest of you I figure I should keep at a distance. No offence, you can't help being one of those weird beings I'd never heard of before.
Hugs from a safe distance.

Olivia Harper said...

You're very prudent, Candy. While Bo might be genuinely fond of you, I don't suppose that "friendship" is uppermost on his mind...

But, still, he's right about one thing. You have plenty of friends here! In fact, the next time we have a gathering on South Padre Island, you're welcome to attend... and if the house appears to be empty, we're probably just all at the beach.

Calvin Mertz said...

Thats weird; Daryl doesn't usually get addresses wrong. Practically a photographic memory since writing this stuff down would thrill the fuzz to no end. What the hell?

Maybe I'm the one got it wrong. Was it Lane Street, Lane Avenue? Shit. The hosts name wasn't Lane, was it? Ack, not now, not another bloody nose. Lean my head back; pinch it.

Ow. Don't blow your nose or you'll start a gusher Cal. No way, not now. Yuck, that tastes awful. Gotta crash soon to get my head on straight. Alright, time to go. Either its a trap or Critter screwed up again.

Dope and guns secured in the wheel wells, yeah yeah. Nothing suspicious. Nope. Woah. Place looks to nice for a casual deal; not expensive enough for the haul I'm carrying. Critter, you dumb -

Hey, movement. Behind the blind. A face. Black. No, you're tweakin ol' buddy. Even Critter wouldn't be that dumb. Seeing Phantoms then. How long I been down? Nah, there it is again.

Casual stretch, check the nose, no blood. No parked cars or vans. Is that a Durango. Nice. Looks square. Get it done. You'll nail this, crash at Daryl's. Okaaay.

Party though; my back up shoulda been here already. Mingling with the crowd. Don't like this. Set up? Shee - ah, door's cracked open. I'm definitely expected.

Boot gun? Check. Loaded? Hope so. Scared? Oh boy. Run? Hell no. Fingers off the nose Cal; push the door slow.

Figgers it'd squeak. I got some WD 40 in the - focus. Damn, don't sneeze. Perfume? Potpouri? Who's that, and -

"Ah, no way Drea." No wonder I thought it was a - but never mind how dark she is. Everywhere.

"WTF you doin'?" Don't scratch the nuts Bro; don't let her know you're even tempted. Got a line ready and everything. "You know this ain't how I bargain."

Olivia Harper said...

Interesting, Calvin, very interesting. Might an intervention be in order?

Calvin Mertz said...

hahaha Olivia.

Hmm, I love my life. Always something interesting. Danger lets me know I'm still alive.

But shhh, don't tell on me, OK? My wife doesn't know much about what I actually do for my cousin Daryl, and it best not to frighten her with details.

Olivia Harper said...

Against my better judgment, Cal, your secret's safe with me.

prashant said...

It's the wrong address! I'd dash out hoping no one saw me and praying a silent burglar alarm hadn't gone off and the police weren't waiting with drawn guns.
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