Monday, September 20, 2010

You Tell Me: Money!

Money. It's been said to be the root of all evil and yet we can't get on without it, can we?

What passes for money in your world, characters? How important is it to you? Are you rich, or do you long to be? Would you prefer to renounce money's corrupting influence and get along in whatever way you can? Do you think it's really true that a rich man can't get into Heaven, or is money whatever you make it out to be?

Let's talk about money!


Abigail said...

Money...we have coins, but I'm not sure who makes them. Come to think of it, I have no concept of economy at all. Author, I found a plot hole!

Candy said...

My great Aunt left me a bunch of travelers checks and a credit card and her lawyer's always phonIng and asking if i need anything so, to be honest, I've been too concerned with what I'm doing to think about it.
Except for tipping, I'm not good at that. I'm not used to staying in posh places or spending much either so I'm not liable to do anything extravagant.
Besides I just got used to US money and now it's Canadian. Neither look real to me after English money.

Calvin Mertz said...

MONEY!! Oh, girl, now you speak my lingo.

I love money. Love to hoard it, spend it, make it, give it away.

My pockets are never empty; and if they are it never lasts long.

I have money when I'm working a construction job, running guns, dealing dope. I had money in prison, and even more when I got out.

I lost everything when I got busted, but it didn't bother me a bit. 'cept that Amy lost her home.

But I got it back for us - uh her.

Well, gotta get back to that poker game before Daryl cleans me out . .

Devi Marconi said...

Though we store our money in a collective vault, we don't actually use it in the underworld of Ruby Hollow. Trips to the surface, however, sometimes cost a bit - hence, the unfortunate need for moo-lah.

Max said...

I am Max a MONEY FREAK!!!!!>:D I love to make money,find money,and get money!money,money,money,money!When im desperate the only thing that would get me happy is MONEY! For me it would be Money over everything,which would be over my girlfriend too!Screw her its me and money yo!There was once where my mother left her wallet on top of the counter and I took it,it felt so good but yet so wrong!Also everytime my parents leave tips for the waitress pshh I take that.hahahahahhahahahahaha.XD

-Melody C.(R6)

Humberto said...

I am Humberto and I am a money addict.No matter how much money I have I find a way to spend it.I love money <33.I love to earn it but I dont like to work for it.I sometimes steal from my own friends wallet>:D.I will always pick money over everything.I once stole from the bank and never got caught.I stole about 3,000 dollars but spent most of it and now I have only a little bit left.I am currently plannig my next robbery at The Chells Cargo Bank to get more money.I hope I steal about 10,000 dollars this time.Wish me luck so I dont get caught >:D hee hee hee hee

-Esmeralda G.(R6)

Jonathan said...

I am Jonathan and I love money.In my head money over everything no matter what.I am not very rich but I find ways to make the money. For my long term goal is to become a lawyer because they make alot of money. One thing that I'm going to hate is when I have to pay for college. I've been looking into some less expensive schools but it's still expensive for me. But I know I will make more money in the long run.

-Ashley R. (R6)

gustavo jimenez said...

i LOVE money!!! Every day when I walk to work i always look down hoping to find a few pennies, and if I'm lucky, A QUARTER. On special ocassions, i go to the water fountains and pretend i fall and pick up all the coins. when someone takes out there money in the streets, i take it and run. If my mom needs a kidney real fast, ill sell it to her. when i buy food at fast food places like sonic, ill place a hair on my food and demand for my money back after i eat about half of it.
-Gutavo J.

JOE said...

Money gets you everywhere and anything in they go out and get some money any way possible way.I like getting money it feels good.The one thing i do not like is spending money. I like to sleep with money.I LOVE MONEY!!!Money is like my life.I DO NOT LIKE SPENDING MONEY.when i go to get i get mcdies 1 dollar meal or a 99 cent chicken.(BQ)(P7)