Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you see what I see? Fall Colors

In America's northern states – on the planet Earth, for those not in the know – the fall equinox is upon us, and leaves everywhere are making their seasonal change, from the greens of summer to the reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn. Where I presently am, that's certainly the case, which got me wondering about everyone else here at Come In Character.

What do your hometowns or home planets look like? Do you experience different seasons, or does the climate – and, therefore, the landscape – rarely vary? Or, for that matter, do you move around a lot, encountering an assortment of settings on a regular basis?

Come on, authors and characters, paint a picture for us!


Galadriel said...

Er...tries to keep character Abigail away--I still haven't worked out a precise global location for her hometown, but it does have seasons...

Olivia Harper said...

If only we experienced fall down here... *sigh*

Though the temperatures drop a little on South Padre Island, the lack of deciduous trees makes the whole fall color thing kind of improbable.

Candy said...

Up here where I am on Vancouver Island it is mostly forest with lots of sweet smelling cedars and other conifers. I love it in the dark woods and sometimes just sit on a log, feeling part of it all. It's weird, but I feel as though nothing can hurt me there, even the branches don't scratch.
Of course, on the farm there are some deciduous trees; apple, maple and dogwood to name a few, but seeing as it's still June for me. they are all in full green leaf.
Maybe I'll get back east for the fall colors.

Olivia Harper said...

Oh, Candy, Vancouver sounds wonderful! Though I love the beach, I sure do miss trees sometimes. I mean, palms are lovely, but changing colors (and real shade) would be nice.

Priscilla said...

My hometown has no colors black white and gray are all I see! But there is a time when flowers a rare type of plant blom and release a gorgeous aroma! Well, not the whole world is like this the park and places where children can have fun are peaceful and lovely. . .so far for me it's hard to visit those places because my heart feels dark like my hometown. My hometown is my room I live there to hide from an answer maybe this is why I always wonder what will happen to my two great friends who have betrated each other and is this my fault, until I have the answers my planets will be full of nonbeautiful colors and not fall colors.. .

-Denise R. (R6)