Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog Announcement: Team!

If I can interrupt our picnic for just a moment........

A few months back, I announced that CIC had become a partnership, me and Ann. I am now delighted to announce that we have two new administators joining us. They are:

Christine H.
Laura Martone!

That means that CIC, once a partnership, is now......A TEAM!

My most heartfelt gratitude to Ann, Christine and Laura for taking on the team duties here at CIC. Without this, we most likely would not have been able to continue, due to my upcoming school schedule. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

For now, here is the posting order:

Monday: Ann, Getting to know you
Wednesday: Laura, varies
Friday: Christine, Featured character
Weekend: Christine, varies

I have every confidence that this team will not help keep CIC alive, but will help it flourish.

I am honored to be in such creative company. I would ask that everyone at CIC raise a glass and toast our new administrative team: Ann, Christine and Laura!


And then, please go back to the picnic, if you like, and enjoy!


Mira said...

Thanks guys! You're the best!


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Yea!! (And my boys thank you too.)

Donna Hole said...

Congratulations to Laura and Christine. Or, to Mira and Ann for gaining such awesome teammates.

Good luck with your classes Mira. Hope this isn't the last we see of your postings in here.


word verif: henzy. A mix of hysterical and frenzied? Mira must be feeling a bit of that with all she's got going on now.

Laura Martone said...

You're welcome, you're welcome. I love it here, and I'm happy to help... although now that it's really happening, I'm a little nervous. All I can promise is that I'll try my best to maintain the high standards that Mira has already set. :-)

Good luck with school, M, and I'm with Donna - I hope you'll pop in when you have a chance. You ARE allowed study breaks, you know.

P.S. Oops. I just realized I never properly left the picnic. Must remedy that.

Christine H said...

Er, well, frankly I'd do just about anything for those boys of yours, SSAS.

Any word about publication yet? I'm dying to actually read the book.

Christine H said...

I'm delighted to be part of this amazing project, by the way! I won't be able to contribute as often as I have been (in terms of my characters) but hope that we can keep drawing new voices and personalities.

This is really a wonderful website, and Mira and Ann have been incredible.

Anonymous said...


Laura Martone said...

I did it! I did it! My email address is now up on the site, too, so feel free to bug me... I mean, say hello! Teehee.

Mira said...

Congrats, Laura! :)

Hi Donna - yes, I'll still try to post as often as possible. We'll have to see.

My school laid down the guantlet last week. In orientation, they said it is not possible to work full-time and go to their program. Don't bother them asking for accommodations; it simply can't be done.

Oh yeah?

Watch me.

Game on, School of Social Work.

But I expect to be rather busy trying to prove them wrong. :)

So, I'll be around as I can be, but in the meantime, I'm really confident that I'm leaving the site in very good hands!

Laura Martone said...

Good luck, Mira! Sounds like a challenge... make me proud - and show those naysayers who's boss.

Christine H said...

Good luck, Mira! Don't burn yourself out, though. Be sure to take "me time" when you can.

I know, like that's really going to happen!

Mira said...


Thanks guys. I'm sure it will be okay.

I hope so.

I'm not the first to go to school and work. Other people have survived this, right? Right? :)

You guys are great - thanks.

Christine H said...

By the way, I will be doing the "Character of the Week" postings.

The chosen character's author should email me with their text and photos by 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, for posting on Friday.

My email is