Sunday, August 2, 2009

Schedule change

Hi all,

Announcing a schedule change:

To accommodate the moderator's schedules, as well as to respond to some member requests, CIC will be switching to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday posting schedule. This will hopefully give everyone a chance to read each post and respond when they have time.

Tentatively, the schedule will be:

Monday: Getting to know you

Wednesday: Varies

Friday: Featured Character. This might include a question/answer format, like previously, or we might offer folks an opportunity to post something for feedback.

Saturday: Social Events, Group projects.

Hope this works for everyone! Please keep giving us your feedback; your input is highly valued.

p.s. Feel free to continue contributing to the historical novel unfolding below.


David Jace said...

I, for one, like this plan. I've been having real trouble this summer finding time to read and post on blogs. This will help a lot. I won't feel as guilty posting on yesterday's blog, since it'll still be "in play."

Thanks, CIC goddesses!!

(And Gabe, Luke, Nezbit, Derek Daniels, Nixie, Peace, etc.)

Christine H said...

I agree!