Friday, August 14, 2009

Character of the Week: Gabe!

Introducing this week's Character of the Week, the rebellious and angelic Gabe! I'll let Gabe tell you about himself:

I was born about 800 years ago, and shortly afterwards entered Training to be a Guardian Angel. For centuries, I served and obeyed the blind commands of my superiors. I watched good people's lives end earlier than they should, for no reason. I also saw humans waste their lives and make poor choices. Nevertheless, I guarded my charges. At times, there were battles with demons, where I fought valiantly and slew many of those infernal creatures. They were the hated enemy.
Finally, I was assigned to Grace. There was something about her. I watched her grow up. I protected her. I guided her. I helped her. And I fell in love with her. When it was declared her time to die, I couldn't do it.
I was through silently watching good people die while evil people lived. Certainly what I did was against the Rules, but it had never happened before, so no one was sure what to do about it. Micheal knew what he wanted, though. My best friend betrayed me. Somehow, I ended up sharing Grace's house with a half-blood demon. Between my best friend and Luke's incubus father, all of our lives have become less certain. I won't even mention the gang with Grace's name on their weapons. Frankly, now that I'm free of the silly little Rules, I'm feeling much more free. I don't have to worry about alcohol or cigarettes, and the hell-baby makes a great cigarette lighter!
So, I believe I'm supposed to toss a question out for discussion in addition to responding to questions about myself, so answer this: Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted most? Or have you ever decided that the System you've followed and supported for all your life is full of crap and no longer works for you?
Gabe, On Common Ground


Mira said...

Hi all. Gabe wanted to let you know that he may be called away periodically, but he'll check in as regularly as possible.

So, I'll start with the first question. What exactly does a Guardian Angel do? When you say 'guarding your charges' what does that mean?

Anonymous said...


Can you grant wishes?


DESTINY said...

Ah, Gabe.

You intrigue me.

When will you return to your Destiny?

Anonymous said...

Cool picture.

Kalila said...

Hi, Gabe! What an interesting job you have! I've seen systems come and go and they're all...what's that new human word...dysfunctional? Anyway, you were smart to get out and do your own thing. You can't trust humans or gods, so it's best to trust yourself.

Vic said...

You were smart to ditch the rules, Gabe. So what are your plans now?

Gabe said...


Thank you for the welcome. The duties of a Guardian Angel are generally not onerous. Depending on the assignment, we may merely be giving them gentle helping hands to keep them out of careless danger. Examples might be tugging them back from the edge of a bridge when they are about to lose their balance, or nudging them in the right direction when they are lost. Have you ever been completely lost only to turn a corner and find yourself suddenly in familiar territory? That would be us.

Some assignments are more demanding. Sometimes, we are asked to guide their lives in a certain direction, such as into policework or missionary studies, or away from being a lawyer or painter. On some rare assignments, the charge might be under direct attack from demons. Then things get interesting.

Gabe said...


No, we can't grant wishes. You read too many fairy tales. Try some Shakespeare, Chaucer, or even Poe.


This IS my Destiny. Try taking Grace away from me and you'll deal with one pissed-off angel. Just ask Micheal.

Gabe said...


Trust has definitely become a more fluid concept for me recently. My direct superior and best friend betrayed me, and one of my house mates is part demon. Had you told me this a few centuries ago, I would have laughed you off.

Gabe said...


My plans now? Survive, protect Grace, and hope the Angelic Guard don't show up on my doorstep.

Nevin said...

I think it's very sweet and wonderful that you care so much. Humans can be very frustrating.

Do you find Grace gets herself into trouble often? All of us try to watch out for Ricky, but he seems to always find a way to make it difficult.

Ricky said...

Nevin, don't go suggesting I do unreasonable things just to get myself into trouble. Picking up a package at the post office, walking into a building, and getting on an elevator shouldn't be hazardous.

Kalila said...

You see what we have to deal with, Gabe? Humans are very trusting creatures.

What is Grace like?

Maxwell said...

Gabe, you got enemies. You want bombs? You want chemicals? I give you cheap. You let me know.

shy said...

"Sometimes even the flight of an angel hits turbulence."

~Astrid Alauda

Anonymous said...

You're hot. Is Grace your girlfriend?

DESTINY said...

Gabe, that is not what I meant. You know this.

When will you return to your Destiny?

flower said...

Wow - an angel of the ex-guardian variety - like, Hi.
I'm having trouble with the word betrayed - I guess Chelsea and Jack didn't betray me but they couldn't even look at me when my Mum d-ied.
They betrayed us - the do everything together, support each other no matter if it was Jack's no-hope brother smacking him around or Chel's Mum and the line of 'uncles' that got in the way of her having much of a life.
They betrayed more than me.
I'd have sat on their doorstep or climbed in a window until I could have made a difference - done something, even if it was only the washing-up.

I think love might be worth anything... everything - but what if you're not... enough, or there to keep Grace safe?

Anonymous said...

I'm at lunch so I'll be able to say more later but Aidan and I were betrayed by our parents. Part of it was Maliquium's fault but mostly they should have told us the truth right from the start.

Candy said...

Hi Gabe, That must have been frustrating not being able to protect your charges when it came to their final challenge. Was God your boss? If so, did he ever tell you why good people suffer and die, sometimes horrible deaths, while bad guys seem to live forever?

I asked our minister once (Mum was real miffed at me) and he just patted my head and said. "God has his mysterious ways and it is not for us to question Him."
Can you explain , Mr Gabe? And I don't believe in that free will stuff, either. A Rwandan mother has not chosen to be raped and neither has her child chosen to be macheted to death. As you see this bothers me. Most people get mad when I talk about it. Sorry if I offend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabe

Okay, no wishes. Can I become an angel?


Aidan said...

Betrayal is a sketchy thing. Most of the time it has to do with someone thinking that's the best they can do at the time. Mom and Dad did the best they knew how at the time.

Unfortunately, Kaelin paid for that.

Kaelin said...

Mom and Dad fucked up. There's not really another way to put it. Mothers are supposed to stand between their children and danger. Mom couldn't manage to do that. I have the scars to prove it.

Gabe said...

Grace is a delight, graceful, and in command. She has always had such a good heart.

She is a police officer. She has dark hair and keeps in excellent shape. She runs every morning. I really used to enjoy the runs with her, though she never knew I was there.

Gabe said...

Maxwell: Thank you for the offer, but those weapons wouldn't do much good against my enemies. Love is the strongest weapon. Well, that and a giant glowing sword!

Shy: yeah, thanks for the warning on turbulence; I already hit my head!

Anon: Grace is... well, it's complicated.

Destiny: Destiny... I guess you mean that I was meant to protect people. I am protecting people. I protect Grace, and even Luke's silly demon-ass. And she in turn protects many more people.
Look, I tried it the other way. I tried following orders and protecting, and it just doesn't work. They wanted me to watch Grace die. I've watched other good people die. It.. it just doesn't work for me, ok?

Gabe said...

Flower: The word betrayed.

Micheal was my best friend. We were in school together. We had adventures and memories. We shared the bloodthirst of battle and the wine of victory. Later he rose to be my immediate superior. But when he told me it was Grace's time, I couldn't listen. Then he tricked me into thinking he was there to talk to me, to help me, and he cut my powers out of my blood. He stole them from me. He threatened Grace, he attacked me, he robbed me of the powers I needed to protect her. That is betrayal.

As for what if I am not enough to protect Grace? Those are the tears that wet the pages and the terror that rips me from my sleep.

Gabe said...

Candy: God wasn't my immediate boss, that was Micheal. God is farther up the line of command.

As for why do good things happen to bad people and vice versa? Mostly it really is Free Will. No, the woman didn't choose to get raped or the child to die, but someone chose to rape and kill, and you can't give Free Will to some and not others. It isn't the victim's free will that caused it to happen, but the concept of Free Will means it can't always be stopped.

That's why Guardian Angels are assigned to charges, to help protect from such things like that. Why are some people picked as charges and some not, that I don't know.

So most of it is actually Free Will. Humans screwing up. Just not necessarily the victim that screwed up, but the perpetrator. However, there are other times when it's something from above, when it is just that person's time, and I agree with you. It's bullshit. Grace was getting shot up by gangbangers and Micheal held me back.

In short, Free Will is a reason that bad people happen to good people, but sometimes, something higher gives the rubber stamp of approval.

Gabe said...

Shadow: Sorry, we're all out of angel applications. Angels aren't the same as humans. We were designed as what we are and we can not change to become something else. Being an angel isn't just a job, it's an existence.

But talk to Destiny, maybe she can put in a good word for you somewhere?

Flower said...

That will be the mysterious ways thing people talk about - do you think you caught the free will bug and messed up a more long term plan? Or was that the long term plan?
This kind of thinking can seriously damage your brain.
Good Luck - I think you sound like you need it.

Mira said...

Gabe, thank you! Fascinating discussion and very fun to get to know you better.

I'll talk with Gabe about next week's Character of the Week, and let everyone know.

Thanks very much again, Gabe!