Friday, August 7, 2009

Character of the Week: Destiny

I did not wish to have pictures. How can one convey me? However, Mira insisted, so we'll just call those Mira's pictures.
I commend Brandon on his choice of me as Character of the Week. Wishing to know Destiny is wise. I regret the delay and hope he did not take it personally. Sometimes I am needed elsewhere.
I have always existed. The Universe itself must consult with me. I say itself, because Universe has not yet decided if it will be male or female. It continues to ask me which is best, but some decisions one must make for oneself. I refuse to do all of the work. If you had met Universe, you would know exactly what I'm talking about. Universe just tends to drift, unless one takes a stand.
As you might have inferred, my job can be a frustrating one. Many choose to ignore me. For all have been given free will, which means they can make this choice. Personally, I do not agree with this, for what could be worse than ignoring Destiny? Free Will and I have had many heated debates on this matter. Free Will has a point, yet it does not share the sadness I feel when I watch humans choose the wrong path.
As they so frequently do.
I, Destiny, can be a hard path. I understand that. Yet, if humans only knew how much is at stake. Not just for those of us such as Destiny, Universe and Free Will, but for every human....
Although my job is frustrating, it is worthwhile. To watch a human fulfill their destiny brings me great joy and satisfaction. There is nothing so important in the Universe.
No matter what Universe says. But it's best not to listen to Universe. Trust me on this.
So, you probably have questions for me. Perhaps you wish to know your Destiny. I can not tell you this, of course, but I can guide you. Ask Destiny your questions.


DESTINY said...

I am here.

I am going away for a short while, however. I am needed in the Artic Circle. Very important.

I shall return to answer any questions.

Candy's author said...

Can one change one's destiny? And if so, how?

Aimless Writer said...

Can I have a do over?
I'd like to go back and correct a few things...

Aidan said...

So do you just know stuff or can you change stuff? The reason I ask is cuz I'm supposed to be able to influence people but all I can do so far is know stuff. If you can change people's actions then could you coach me?

DESTINY said...

Candy, an excellent question.

You can change your path. There is more than one path to your Destiny. Even when you are lost, and on the wrong path, your Destiny will follow you, and say to you: "Come this way, you can still find me."

Your true Destiny, the Destiny you are born knowing at some deep level, all humans are, that may expand or contract or even modify, but it remains.

I sense behind your question you may fear your Destiny. Perhaps you worry that your Destiny is unkind or cruel or less than what you wish.

Do not fear this. All human individual Destinys are unique and valuable. And beautiful.

DESTINY said...

Aimless Writer,

Your Destiny is not marred by your mistakes, it is enhanced by what you have learned from them.

And I know exactly which one you especially wish to change.

Nope. That was a good one. I enjoyed watching that.

DESTINY said...


You and I are similar, in that we are limited to influence. So, you and I are slso similar in that we are extremely frustrated most of the time.

You can not influence in my way, since I work in signs and portents and within the yearning of the human soul.

Learning how to influence those about you, well that is part of your Destiny. You are surrounded by those who love you. Have you asked them for advice?

Once they have given their advice, ignore most of it, but choose the pieces that fit.

Ricky said...

I just want to know if you're the reason I ended up managing a group of lunatics, or if it was a choice I made on my own. I know I chose a career that involves a lot of late nights at bars, but I never intended things to get this crazy.

Kalila said...

Ricky, you're so cute when you complain.

Bo said...

I just want to say thanks for sending those twins backstage last night. And for the housekeeper who knocked on the door this morning. I had no idea the Holiday Inn provided that kind of service.

Ricky said...

The housekeeper was there to change the sheets, Bo, not to join you in them.

Bo said...

Well, she sure seemed enthusiastic to me, Ricky. You must not've gotten the same level of service. You're jealous.

Bo said...

Anyway, Destiny, thanks again!

Nevin said...

Destiny, I want to know if our planet will ever be green and lovely again. I get very distressed when I read about what's happening to the polar bears, rain forests, and butterflies. I sometimes get very depressed and it's hard to keep up a cheerful demeanor. I'd like to know if it's the world's destiny to always be such a dirty and hateful place. We should all be nice to each other.

Vic said...

Face it, Nevin, it's the destiny of all idealists to get smacked with reality. It'll never be perfect, so enjoy what you can and deal with the rest.

It would help if you were nocturnal. The world looks better at night.

DESTINY said...

Rickey, you make all choices on your own. I don't control the choices.

I enjoy watching you and your bunch of 'lunatics.'

If you're asking if you're on the right track, you know the answer to that one!

DESTINY said...

Bo, that had a great deal more to do with the twin's Destiny than yours.

You are a more useful tool than you know or would appreciate. But since you had a good time, does it really matter to you?

DESTINY said...

Nevin, that is not the Destiny of the world.

What will happen, however, is yet to be seen.

You are appreciated for the part that you play.

gabe said...

Here's a question for you: When you see the direction Life is going, when you witness the disparity and unfairness of the plight of some humans...when Love denies your fealty...

Does Destiny ever break the Rules?

~Gabe, On common Ground

Gabe said...

Here's a question for you: When you see the direction Life is going, when you witness the disparity and unfairness of the plight of some humans...when Love denies your fealty...

Does Destiny ever break the Rules?

~Gabe, On common Ground

Paul (Peace Keeper) said...

I'd like to know, do you know everyone's destiny, or decide everyone's destiny. I think that's a very crucial difference.

And, if you decide destinies, why all the irony? And why can't everyone just have a happy destiny? (assuming they make the right choices.) Or would they if they listened to you?

~Peace Keeper (Paul), Hero Games

DESTINY said...

Gabe, your question does not quite fit. I am not guided by rules; I am guided by what is possible.

However, does Destiny work to change the unfair, the tragic, the wrongness in life?

This is complex. The simple answer is yes. All the time.

The more complex answer is that unfairness and tragedy are often essential pieces, inter-woven in the fabric of life. They are frequently transformed for the greater good. Without suffering, transformation would not exist.

However, lest you think Destiny is cold, and many do, I shall share with you that although I do not break rules, I frequently deal with a broken heart.

DESTINY said...

Paul, I do not know their Destiny. I am their Destiny. They can choose to follow me or not.

That is their choice.

What of yours, Paul? Are you choosing to follow me?

Gabe said...

I understand the complexity of the answer, Destiny. Mortals often fail to understand the philosophy of the Greater Good.

Yet, there are times, when destiny just isn't enough. After all, Love is the only emotion man cannot control.

Not even an angel.

Gabe, On Common Ground

Paul (Peace Keeper) said...

Am I following my destiny?

Uhm, I don't know? Wait! Shouldn't YOU know if I am following my destiny?

I do my homework. I get pretty good grades. And I just started playing this new computer game as a Beta tester with special equipment. It's lots of fun so far. And, uhm, that's about it.

Paul, Hero Games

DESTINY said...

Paul, you are doing well. Continue on your path.

Gabe, an angel who knows love. You are intriguing.

Amy Thompson said...

Why am I repeating my mother's choices? Am I fated to marry addicts/alcoholics/abusers, or is there some way for me to find happiness with my current boyfriend; a male nurse who seems to have his s#$@ together. I mean, really, can I go for this, or will I simply find the same old same old if I even think about a relationship?

Yours truly,