Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Challenge: The great debate: Hot or Cold?

Time for a Challenge. Let's debate an extremely important issue. Everyone has an opinion on this one. Let's hear yours!

If you had to choose, which is better?
Being too cold:
Or being too hot?

Take your pick, but, if you choose to accept the challenge, don't just tell us: convince us.

Let's sharpen our debating skills and lay out an argument: which is better: Hot or Cold?



DESTINY said...

I do not feel the temperature, so I have no preference.

I do know the Destiny of this debate, however, I shall not tell it.

Vic said...

Cold, of course. What a stupid question. There's nothing like a nice cold coffin at the end of hard night of lurking.

Aidan said...

When I was 20, one of my enemies attacked me. She basically started a fire inside me, inside my soul (if demons really have one) and it started burning me from the inside out. I barely survived. So, cold, for sure.

Kalila said...

In my natural djinn form, hot and cold means little. But in human form, I prefer hot over cold. I used to be a Zoroastrian, which is probably why. Worshiping fire is fun.

Kalila said...

Aidan, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with fire. I'm sure Ahura Mazda would've helped if you had asked. He's very nice, for a god.

Ricky said...

Mazda is a god? I thought it was a car.

Kalila said...

You're so cute when you're ignorant, Ricky. How did I manage so long without a pet?

Nevin said...

Well, I don't like to be hot or cold. They're both very distressing conditions. Must I choose one or the other?

Candy said...

I would rather be cold.To freeze to death is to go numb and then fall asleep, I've been told. To die of heat must be agonizing. When I am cold I can put on more clothes, wrap myself in blankets, huddle by a fire with a cup of cocoa or bowl of soup.
When it's hot I can only take off so much, I lose all energy. get grumpy and sweat. If I have airconditioning I am trapped inside with this continuous roar - and get grumpy.
I have always been advised to drink hot tea in hot weather but I find that only makes things worse. A cold drink works a lot better for me. What do you do?

No I think cold is more manageable.
Of course, when I am cold and weeping with the pain in my fingers and toes, I long to be hot!

Flower said...


I kissed someone cold - not really human anymore... just gone.

For a long time I wanted to be that way too.

But now, maybe not.

Kaelin said...

I like the sun. We get really dark tans. Don't really like being out there without a shirt though.

Gabby said...

Hot is good for me! Browns Town is up in the hills in Jamaica but it still gets hot. It felt good to me and I never wore shoes; Just shorts, and a shirt on Sunday. When it rained it was still hot and we'd just grab a banana leaf for an umbrella.

I nearly shivered myself to death in New York. Even the rats looked cold in winter.
People in hot countries sing more so it must be better, don't you think?

Anonymous said...


I'd rather be hot. I like to sit in the sun sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

That sucks


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy,

I hope you don't cry from the cold.

Hi Flower

I'm glad you don't feel that anymore

Hi Kaelin


Ginger said...

It depends on what you mean by "too hot" or "too cold?" Do you mean life-threatening levels, or just uncomfortable?

I'd rather be a little too hot, and jump in the ocean for a lovely swim. But if it was dangerous, I think cold would be better to cope with. At least you could build a fire or something, and don't polar explorers keep warm in snow caves? Isn't snow actualy an insulator at times? I think I heard that on some TV show once.

Faldur said...

When the air is too hot, there is usually also a lack of water. One must contend not only with personal water loss, but lack of water in the surroundings. Often lakes and streams are not only lower, but full of green slime. Plants also suffer, reducing the chance of obtaining moisture from them. One must dig far underground to find water in such times.

Cold weather is usually accompanied by rain or snow. It is rare to have a cold drought. Snow can be melted for water, and shelter can provide a way to conserve body heat, whereas one must lose body heat to survive in a drought. Therefore, survival is more likely in very cold conditions than in very hot ones.

Candy said...

You know. Gabby has a point; hot weather people do seem happier than cold ones. We get calypsos, jazz and all kinds of great music from the south but I've never heard of Eskimo music - or Siberian dancing for that matter.

However maybe it's what you're born to as to what you can survive.
. Ginger and Faldur made good points. I'll have to remember about the snow caves

Marc said...

I'd take the hot sun and a cool ocean under my surf board any day.

Pink Bug said...

I'd much rather be hot than cold. My bones hurt in the cold...and I can't feel parts of my body when they won't warm up. I hate being cold. I sound like an old woman!...LOL!