Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Well, folks, the long holiday weekend is over for many of us, and it's time to get back to work... which means it's also time for our midweek update – a chance for characters to reveal their current whereabouts. In this way, authors can share what's happening within their stories by speaking through their characters' unique voices.

So, let's hear it, guys, gals, and creatures! What have you been up to lately? Seen any interesting places? Encountered any wicked beasts? Found yourself in a spot of trouble, supernatural or otherwise?

Feel free to spill any and all of your latest adventures, and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!


Candy said...

Today my author took me to her critique group and trotted a chapter out for them to discuss. They were disappointed I went back to my Goth stuff but understood how I felt safer and stronger that way. It's good when people understand me even if I do seem a bit weird at times.
Otherwise I'm wandering around Bear Valley making friends with the animals. Cute calf let me scratch her ears. Another cow licked my arm with her big rough tongue. I really like it here and hope I can stay a while. Steven (that's my great aunt's boyfriend's grandson,} is going to take me into town for a drink tonight. Cool! Shame he's so shy.

Nutmeg Cross said...

Wow, Candy, you've had a busy week. Good luck with Steven! Sometimes, the shy ones are the most interesting.

Marenya said...

My author has at least moved to Chapter Two.

It's about time.