Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Social Weekday: New Year’s Eve

Another year is almost gone, and a new one is upon us. Yikes!

But, before we start fretting about the speediness of time, let’s remember that New Year’s Eve is a day of contemplation as well as celebration. A day to remember the ups and downs of the previous 364 days – and, even better, a day to pop the champagne, watch some fireworks, kiss your favorite person (or creature), and welcome the next 52 weeks, which, for many, represent a fresh start – and the promise of possibility.

So, let’s hear it for the possibilities!

In celebration of 2010 (or whatever year you’re celebrating in your given world), let’s have a New Year’s Eve bash that can’t be beat! Lots of vittles, libations, party favors, and merriment for everyone! And, in true CIC fashion, we're starting the party a day early – which means we'll have even more time for frivolity.

Just don’t forget to share your resolutions (and wishes) for the coming 12 months, and remember to have a...


David Jace said...

Happy New Year!!! (Ha, I said it first!)

Derek Daniels said...

I used to celebrate New Year's with the wife, setting off some fireworks, watching the ball drop, kissing in front of a roaring fire...

Now, I watch the streets. I look for trouble. Too many bad things happen on New Year's; I want to be there, ready for the call of the Nanites. Ready to become a tool, a weapon, of the city's to fight back against the wave of criminality infecting our streets.

Happy New Year to the rest of you, though! Enjoy yourselves. Drink, eat, celebrate, kiss, and love. I'll be out there, on the streets, keeping you safe, and there when you need me.

~Derek Daniels, The Nanite Chaser

Laura Martone said...

Well, technically, David, I said it first - in the post, of course!

Naturally, I'm just kidding ya. Happy New Year to you and yours!

(And thanks for visiting the blog - we appreciate it!)

Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Derek. It's good to know that someone's looking out for us. There sure are a lot of weirdos on the streets these days... but, still, you should take a moment to celebrate. Even you, crime-fighting hero that you are, deserve a sip of champagne, a kiss from someone you love, and a chance to be happy.

Thassodar Jax said...

Ah, New Year's. Did you know most planets celebrate it in one fashion or another? Since the solar revolution are different for each planet, the celebrations are spaced different lengths of time apart. Plus, the different lifespans make it different as well. Such as one planet I know, it has New Year's every other generation. So, half the people born on the planet don't get New Year's.

I think it odd, though, that the celebrations on Earth consist of minor explosions, when they drive such combustible vehicles! Oh well, I guess this race is just an explosive one. They sure make for a good party, though!

I think I'll spend this new year's like I've spent the last several on this assignment: I'll hit the club scene, pick up one girl for last year and one girl for next year and set off some private fireworks of my own!

Man, gotta love the sub-space sentient species on Earth. Humans rock, without doubt.

~Thassodar Jax, Thassodar Jax: Terra Ranger

Ricky said...

In the new year, I'll be working on getting more gigs for Maelstrom, of course, and growing my business in general.

Kalila said...

What do you mean by "growing your business in general," Ricky?

Ricky said...

You know, other acts and that sort of thing.

Kalila said...

Are we not enough for you? Do I not pay well enough? I already pay you a straight salary instead of commission. I'll pay you more.

Ricky said...

The money isn't really the point, Kalila. It matters, but there's more to being a successful talent manager than just making money.

Officer McNeal said...

Maybe Ricky is looking for a different kind of retribution for his services, Kalila.

Not everything is about the money, you know.

~Officer McNeal,On Common Ground

Olivia Harper said...

Well, that's getting a bit graphic, Officer McNeal. ;-)

I think it's smart for Ricky to want to branch out. I mean, what if something were to happen to Maelstrom? Then, where would he be?

Grace said...

Ignore McNeal. I try to, though it isn't easy.

Look at it this way, guys, if Ricky has more acts under his wing, he'll be able to more easily book you as main events, with other acts as warm-ups. Plus, negotiating more deals and working in other circles will give him more experience and better connections to benefit you.

Expanding Ricky's business helps all of you, not just Ricky.

Grace, On Common Ground

Josiah said...

Are we NOT jumping the gun here ... just a bit?? Come on ... I'm cheffing for a friend's soiree. I had to double check the calendar and make sure they weren't expecting me in 20 minutes with a full spread of h'ors d'ouevers. Quelle horreur!

If you want - I'll supply the same menu here - plus, since cost is no factor (you'll make it work, right Kalila) I can jazz it up a bit.

How about we start with:

Potted Shrimp Spread
Spicy Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
Mini-Ham & Swiss Cheese Fritattas
Mini Roast Beef Sandwiches w/blue-cheese horseradish sauce
Clementine & Jicama Salad
Spicy Roasted White & Sweet Potato Fries

Maybe I'll add something with lobster - and bacon ... and of course some decadent Champagne. Maybe some Sehr Trocken from Kornell Champagne Cellers. I have a few bottles from the '80s tucked away.

Nothing but the best for my friends here at Come in Character!

Kalila said...

Josiah, are you suggesting I should conjure food on your command, just because I'm a djinn?

Think carefully before you answer...

Ricky said...

No, Kalila. He was just saying you might want to help out with the cost because your generosity to your friends is so well known.

Kalila said...

Oh. Well, that goes without saying. I always feel a bit sorry for you pathetic humans. So, yes, I'll help make sure you have enough to eat.

Poor humans.

Devi Marconi said...

Thanks, Kalila. We always appreciate your, uh, consideration of our shortcomings as humans.

In the meantime, I'd like to donate some food for the bash. I'm a pretty decent baker, so how's about I supplement all of Josiah's yummy treats (thanks, by the way) with a red velvet cake, a chocolate cream pie, and some banana nut bread?

Oh, and who's bringing the champagne?

Michael Harper said...

We got you covered, Devi. Olivia and I are bringing several bottles.

And, since we'll be without teenagers for once (they've opted for other parties), we can stay as long as we like (or until we get kicked out, that is).

Candy said...

Wow, I've never eaten food like that! Sure beats the fish and chips I lived on in London! Most of all, though, I look forward to seeing all you characters again. You are my only family, y'know!
Derek do you watch out for us on Vancouver Island too? I'll only be here for a while but it's kinda scary all alone and knowing you're around would sure be a comfort.
I'll try to sneak a nicely baked salmon from the hotel kitchen as I leave.

Olivia Harper said...

Oh, and Josiah, in my author's defense, she did justify the early New Year's Eve bash by saying...

And, in true CIC fashion, we're starting the party a day early – which means we'll have even more time for frivolity.

(Wednesday is, after all, her day to post.)

Besides, what's wrong with a New Year's Eve Eve celebration? It's never too early to celebrate the coming year.

Michael Harper said...

I'll drink to that! *hiccup*

Nutmeg Cross said...

Thanks, Candy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who brought something she, uh, sneaked out of somewhere else.

Course, in my case, it's not a nice baked salmon, but some cheese and crackers I swiped from a deli when no one was looking. I know stealing is wrong, but I don't have much money, and I didn't want to come to the party empty-handed.

My New Year's resolution, by the way, is to find my mom. Then, maybe I can settle down somewhere for a while. It's not easy - or cheap - living on the road, even with Indy along for the ride.

Indigo Cypress said...

Even though it's cold living on the road, there's nowhere I'd rather be, Meg.

Oh, and don't feel too bad. I've brought along some pilfered beers. We can't all drink champagne, you know.

Michael Harper said...

What's wrong with champagne? *hiccup* We've got plenty! *hiccup*

Olivia Harper said...

Sheesh, baby... the kids go away for a little while, and you go crazy. Better take it slow on that champagne. It's not even New Year's Eve yet.

Thank goodness there's some wonderful food here, too. Thanks, Josiah!

Gabby said...

I've made a dummy to leave in my bed for when the guard checks. He'll probably be too drunk to look anyway. Unicorn's bringing me and all the animals have chipped in with fruits and nuts in a basket the monkies wove.
I know I'm only fourteen but I'd sure like some champagne... Dad gave me Rum in Jamaica when I was only two. Just a drop but...
Whee, I'm on my way!

Josiah said...

I think this is shaping up to be a FINE Eve before New Year's Eve party!

And thanks Ricky for backing me up.

Indeed fair Kalila - 'tis a bit of the gold to help defray costs that I was alluding too. But I've struck it fairly rich here in the Sierra Nevada's - so I don't really need the assistance. Just the generosity of your friendship and the allowances you make for us "poor" humans is enough to make our New Year bright.

Mr. Jax a pleasure to meet you - maybe you can help us set up a celebratory display? I'm sure I can get my hands on some gun powder and firing caps. I bet that crazy scientist that shows up here from time to time could help us color the sparklers - and maybe even supply a small "boom" for 2010.

Josiah said...

Devi I hate baking - how nice of you to supply the dessert table. We must have a sweet or two to see us into the next decade, right?

Laura, my apologies madame for the quick read of the post. 'tis delightful to have this Eve of Eve party. Let's hope no one over indulges tonight.

Michael, my good man. Thanks for add the champagne. Will you pour me another quaff?

Candy - your artistry and enthusiasm are a wonderful addition to any party and gathering - and I always consider your presence a gift.

Meg - you are much like Candy. Please don't risk your safety to bring us treats. You joining us is like the addition of a bow on a package. You just add that special shine.

Now - I think it's time for me to step back in the kitchen. This old gold miner isn't too fond of crowds and "society". It reminds me of my family back in the south.

But first, here's a small tot of champagne for you Gabby. Enjoy it carefully.

Derek Daniels said...


I don't think your city has adopted the Nanite Police System yet. If they had, then every citizen is potentially a hero for you, including yourself!

But feel free to come visit me, and I will be happy to keep you safe.


Thassodar Jax said...


Well, I'm really not supposed to do that kind of thing. Against regulations, you know. But, tell you what, instead of primitive explosions (you humans have enough of that as it is), how about some magnetosphere lights? They happen pseudo-naturally on your planet at the north pole.


Nutmeg Cross said...

Ooh, magnetosphere lights! How lovely. I've never seen them for real before - how wonderful to have them for the party. Thanks, Jax!

Oh, and thank you, Josiah, for not wanting me to risk myself. I appreciate your consideration, but I'm happy to provide a little snack... so long as the cops don't show up. (And Indy's always here to protect me - at least he was a moment ago.)

Indigo Cypress said...

Still here, my love. I just ran off to get a taste of champagne from Michael - he kept thrusting it upon me, so I thought it was high time I sample it.

Besides, I think Olivia wants him to share. Seems the bubbly goes straight to the good doctor's head!

Gabby said...

Wow, Josiah, thanks! It tastes so, so, bubbly! I feel light and happy, like dancing! No wonder people go for this stuff!

Jesse Littleton said...

Yep, Gabby. It's good stuff - but a little bit sure goes a long way.

Looks like Michael's still recovering this morning.

Michael Harper said...

Oh, I'm okay. Just a bit of a headache. As a doctor, I should know better not to drink on an empty stomach... but I was so thrilled to be away from the kids for a night. (No offense, kids.)

I'll be fit as a fiddle come midnight.

Laura Martone said...

Poor Michael. Guess it's true what "they" say - when the kitties are away... the mice will play.

Looks like Josiah's hope that no one over-indulge was all for naught. Oh, well - what's New Year's Eve for - if not over-indulging a bit?

Speaking of you, Josiah, no worries. Olivia didn't mean any offense - she just wanted to clarify that I was aware of the early celebration. Glad you decided to attend the New Year's Eve Eve bash anyway - even if it did mess with your internal clock a bit. Sorry about that!

(And thanks, by the way, for all the delicious food. 'Tis much appreciated.)

Donna Hole said...
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Calvin Mertz said...

Hmm, lets try this again . . .

"Besides, what's wrong with a New Year's Eve Eve celebration? It's never too early to celebrate the coming year."

I couldn't agree more Olivia - though I'm very late to this party. Got my own intrigues going on, but if you don't mind I'll hide - hang out here a while.

I'm not makeing any New Years Resolutions. Robert's got a few he'd like me to stick to (sniff, cough) but you know how good intentions go.

Josiah: are we still doing fireworks, or did I miss that too? (sniff) I can bring whatever we need - love big bang celebrations.

Candy said...

Thanks for a wonderful New Year's party. I feel I have put on pounds but have also developed the courage to set off on the journey through my great aunt's past.
Love to you all and have a fabulous year!

Laura Martone said...

I'm glad you had such a good time at the party, Candy. I ate (and drank) too much, too, but that's okay. It's like indulging before Lent. You're allowed one big bang-up party, before the "lifestyle" changes (i.e., diets) begin.

Oh, and good luck on your journey - be safe, of course.

Olivia Harper said...

Hi, Calvin. Welcome to the party. It's still going on - as you can see.

Just as it's never too early to celebrate, it's never too late either.

Happy New Year!