Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting to Know You: Holiday Wrap-up

Christmas is over! For many of us, it's a relief.

Did you get any good presents? Maybe you got your heart's desire, or perhaps you got a special surprise. If you gave gifts, did any go over especially well? Which were the most fun to give?

And how did the holiday go overall? Maybe you went to church or to a party. Maybe you had the family over for a feast. Did you eat too many cookies this year, or did you give them all to Santa?

Let's recap our holiday! And if you celebrated something other than Christmas, tell us how it went!


Nevin said...

I gave pet food to a rescue group and helped walk the dogs. It was a lovely experience.

Bo said...

The Christmas caroling went great. I suggested we sing a few songs out side the strip club and got a few girls for my trouble. Good times.

Ricky said...

Well, I appreciated the holiday bonus check, guys, even though you're not really supposed to do that.

Kalila said...

We're not?

Ricky said...

Let's just say it's not customary, Kalila.

Kalila said...

Nothing we do is customary.

Ricky said...

You can say that again.

Gabby said...

aphaleThey don't notice Christmas in the "home" but I snuck into the Mystical Wood for a few hours. All the animals played games and the wolves sang together, then a lot of them brought me gifts -nuts and the ripest berries, fur pressed to make a blanket and, best of all the Unicorn had allowed monkeys to pull silver hairs from his mane and twist them into a cord which they slid over my head. It glowed against my black skin as it settled around my neck and I swear I will never take it off.
That is the best gift I have ever received.

Olivia Harper said...

Wow, Gabby, what a magical Christmas!

And, Ricky, I'm glad the band appreciates your hard work every now and again.

Nevin, you're a noble-hearted fairy, to be sure.

And, Bo, well, I'm sure the girls appreciated the caroling. I hope they've lived to tell the tale - you didn't wear them out too badly, right?

Nutmeg Cross said...

Indigo and I spent a quiet Christmas together - and exchanged homemade gifts. Although we each missed our families, it was still a wonderful day. But most days are.

Gabe said...

How do I celebrate Christmas? By trying to ignore Luke. The demon-boy has been dancing around this house with bells on and red santa hats and getting presents and- bah! I've been up there. The Christmas thing is a bunch of hype. But he gets into it. And Grace thinks he's cute. Makes me want to go hang out with Bo, there, at the strip club.

But I have to admit, Luke got me some presents and picked out some very nice stuff for me. That was nice of him. And hype or no, I couldn't not get Grace something. So, we had a little mortal-style Christmas morning thing with a fire in the fireplace (courtesy of our local demon pyro) and stockings and the full trim. It was nice, in a silly, mortal sort of way.

Bet Grace and Luke are still trying to figure out who filled those stockings!

~Gabe, On Common Ground

Tom Bailey said...

I had a great day celebrating Christmas fortunately they could not find the santa suit so I did not have to have 40 people sitting on my lap for pictures with gifts.

I stumbled onto your blog through another blog and I like what I found here.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

David Jace said...

Welcome Tom,

We hope you stick around. By the way, if they find that Santa suit, I want a turn!

Bo said...

Santa suit...Tom, that's brilliant. I know what I'm wearing next Christmas! Not that I usually have any trouble finding someone to sit in my lap...

Nezbit said...

I know exactly what you mean, Bo. I keep a cage of pleasure-objects in my den. Though, certainly the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase, the taste, if you will, of the conquest, can be a pleasure all its own.

~Nezbit, On Common Ground

Laura Martone said...

Boy, this holiday conversation went a different route, that's for sure. Our Christmas wasn't nearly as exciting as all that. No Santa suit, no cute girl-elves. :-(

Dan and I spent a quiet Christmas Eve together - and visited Mom and Grandma on the day itself.

The best present I gave was to Dan - a Louisiana mud doll - which is essentially a voodoo doll upon which the giver can bestow his/her own blessing... so I gave it to him with the hope that it will keep away stress and misfortune - and enable him to achieve success and bliss in the not-too-distant future. Let's hope it works!

P.S. Dan and I also gave a good friend a pack of vampire tarot cards. What good little New Orleanians we are.

Olivia Harper said...

A Louisiana mud doll? What a wonderful idea!

I've fashioned voodoo dolls in the past, but I've always bestowed my own blessings onto each of them. You know, one for prosperity, one for passion, one for peace, one for conquering obstacles, and so forth.

I never thought to craft one with a blank slate. How wonderful!

Oh, and Laura, don't feel bad. Our Christmas was quiet, too - well, if you can ever call it quiet with two teenagers and a noisy beagle in the house.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Buddy Harper said...

Arf! Arf!

Not a noisy beagle. Harumph.

Arf! Arf!

Olivia Harper said...

All this yipping.

*shakes head*

I rest my case, Buddy Boy. Here, have one of your Christmas biscuits. That's a good doggie.

Buddy Harper said...

*devours biscuit and wags tail happily*

Arf! Got more? Arf! Arf!