Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Group Story: Family Holiday Saga

Well, my friends, it’s that time of the year again. No, silly, not football season – although that, too, can be festive (especially if your team is winning).

Whether we like it or not, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is commonly considered the holiday season – especially in America. And this is a time largely focused on family. Your family, your partner’s family, sometimes even your friends’ families.

While it can certainly be a merry season, this period can also be a bit trying for many of us. After all, there’s nothing like a forced family gathering to reveal secrets better left unveiled, to heighten tension among siblings, and to bring out the worst in our relatives.

There’s always that one mystery dish, the ingredients of which are unfathomable. There’s always that one uncle that makes inappropriate comments at the dinner table. There’s always that one gift that seems all too familiar – having made the rounds year after year.

No matter where you live, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded family holiday gathering. So, why not channel our collective experiences through a family holiday saga? Perhaps we’ll have a bit of fun in the process. After all, something’s bound to be tasty. Right?

Authors and characters are all welcome to participate in this group tale. For a little inspiration, let's kick it off with the following line:

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the flat,
Not a creature was sleeping, not even the cat...


Rick Daley said...

They ran to and fro, kids screaming with glee,
And one screaming in pain from a badly skinned knee

Kalila said...

Why wasn't the cat sleeping? Oh. Kids. Of course.

Ricky, can't your brother do something to make his brats shut up?

Nevin said...

I'll entertain them with some magic. That'll keep them quiet.

Continue the story, everyone! I think it's off to a lovely start.

Ginger said...

"Stop!" shouted Mom. "This instant desist.
You'll never get presents from Santa like this!"

They stopped in their tracks, their mouths in wide O's.
Then quietly went to clean rooms and fold clothes.

Samantha Harper said...

What a loverly Christmas this could turn out to be.

Now, if only the dog would stop tackling the tree.

Buddy Harper said...

Arf! Arf! It's not me attacking the tree.

Why must everything be blamed on me?

Daryl Harper said...

We're not blaming you, you silly old pest.

It's Great-Uncle Seth's pet that keeps making a mess.

Seth Linden said...

Sorry, everyone, that Turbo's being such a pain.
I don't know why Christmas trees make him insane.

Sometimes, he can be a real ornery ol' pooch.
Just let him outside - oh, and please pass the hooch.

Robert Crane said...

I'll share some of my hooch, never fear; my one good deed all year.

And pop corn too, don't forget the string; after I'm done I'll give it a fling

to the top and around, and the rest to hand down, where the cat can enjoy it from the ground.

Seth Linden said...

Thanks, Robert, I really appreciate the booze.
Sure makes it easier to catch a little snooze
Amid all the dog barks and kid shouts and holiday cheer,
Which is hard to take when you're alone most of the year.

Olivia Harper said...

Uncle Seth, must you always be such a downer?
Why don't you get up and help me filet this flounder?