Friday, April 23, 2010

First Line Challenge

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing?

I'll give you the first sentence or passage of a famous novel, and your job is to turn it into a paragraph that is totally unique, and totally you!

Authors and characters are all welcome to attempt this little exercise. Let's see how many different perspectives we can create. As a bonus, try to guess the book that's being quoted.

(Incidentally, the last opener was from The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Congrats to Candy for guessing it!)

Okay, are you ready? Here we go!

Lieutenant Dunbar wasn't really swallowed. But that was the first word that stuck in his head. Everything was immense. The great, cloudless sky. The rolling ocean of grass. Nothing else, no matter where he put his eyes. No road. No trace of ruts for the big wagon to follow. Just sheer, empty space...


Ginger said...

It was both liberating and frightening, to be in the midst of all that space. No one knew where he was. No one could give him an order he didn't want to follow, or make him feel less than a man.

But no one could help him, either.

Candy said...

He felt the other wagons coming up behind him and, knowing all those innocent people trusted him, swallowed his fear and urged his team onward. It was as though he plunged off the edge of the earth and he knew nothing would ever be the same - for any of them.

Ginger said...

Is this from "Dances With Wolves?"

Laura Martone said...

Sorry, Ginger. Today's been a rather hectic day - or else I would've answered you earlier. Yes, indeed-y, this is most certainly from Dances with Wolves... Normally, I try to avoid first lines and passages that mention character names, but that's not an easy task, I can assure you.

Congrats on guessing correctly!

Donna Hole said...

. . and the bot.

Robot; android. Whatever they were calling the mechanical companions these days.

Lt Dunbar was having nothing of it. Dressing it up in a skirt didn't change the androgenous build. And, he'd be in space, what; 15, 18 years before completing his mission.

With THAT for company? Man; was he really that desperate.

He tried to think back to three years ago, when he'd first signed on to the deep space program. He'd grown tired of people staring at him; wondering why he didn't opt for termination.

Scarred and confined to a dreary life of prothesis, he'd nonetheless not given up on life yet. Thats when Admiral General Tithe had struck.


Ginger said...

If it makes you feel better, Laura, I didn't guess from the name, because all I can remember is that Kevin Costner was in the movie. It was the setting.

Laura Martone said...

Oops. I meant to address your comment, Ginger, but life has been so hectic lately... incidentally, whether it was the name that gave it away or not, it was still an excellent guess, so cheers!