Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Last Friday, we discussed the future of Come In Character – namely, ideas for keeping the blog fresh and for inspiring the authors that visit.

First, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful suggestions – and for their desire to keep the site going.

Second, I'd like to introduce a new CIC feature. It's called What's Happening Now?, and basically, it's a midweek check-in for characters. This is a chance for authors to share what's happening within their current works-in-progress by speaking through their characters' unique voices.

So, let's hear it, characters. It's time to share your trials, your successes, your goals, whatever's on your mind at the moment. Perhaps you'd like to chat about the weather in your world, what you accomplished yesterday, what you're going through right now – and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!

(Of course, if that doesn't work, and authors simply can't resist sharing what's happening in their own worlds, we can work with that, too. We're nothing if not flexible.)


Nutmeg Cross said...

Well, not much is happening at the moment. In my author's head, I'm on a cross-country journey, in search of my long-lost mother and accompanied by a wonderful, full-blooded Cherokee named Indigo.

What's on paper, though, is a bit more nebulous.

Indigo Cypress said...

That's okay, Meg. At least we exist in her mind at all.

Devi Marconi said...

Yeah, it could always be worse, Meg. My daughter, Olivia, and I do in fact exist on paper, but we're stuck in revision hell at the moment, and it's anybody's guess which way our author will go.

At least your possibilities are still wide open. With us, she must whittle down what already exists to find the story she wants to tell.

Marenya said...

Faldur has just walked in and seen me all dressed up like a lady for the first time. I could have laughed out loud when I saw his face, but, mercifully I didn't.

You can read about it here:
Chapter Two Part One

(My author is serializing the first few chapters of this revision. Comments welcome.)

Faldur said...

I've had two severe shocks in one night.

I need a drink.

No, I think I'll ask her to dance. But I still need a drink first.

What's a haman to do? It's so unfair the way these females play on our weaknesses.

Candy said...

Someone, I have no idea who, had a fab breakfast sent up to my room here at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. What a surprise! I kinda felt I was supposed to tip the guy who brought it but didn't know how, so didn't.I hate that kind of thing. Anyway, now I'm stuffed and am heading out to follow my dead Aunt's directions. First time without my Goth look too. Kind of exciting. Hope I can find what she wrote about. Seagulls squalling outside my window. Gotto go.

Kalila said...

My ridiculous author has stuck us all in limbo with her so-called revisions. These revisions have so far resulted in no change at all, though.

Ricky said...

I'm not thrilled about being back on tour, either, Kalila. I thought I done with that aspect of the business when she started the third book and gave me an office and staff.

I hear she's thinking of getting rid of at least one sub-plot, which is why we're all back on the tour bus.

Kalila said...

Oh, is she getting rid of that pesky interloper who's always getting in the way with her nosy questions? Today might turn out to be a good day, after all.

A said...

I'm on a ship, crossing the ocean. It's a journey that is ripe with angst. My beloved is on the other side. My innocence behind me.
My dreams are dashed. All I can do is move forward in hopes of saving her.
My own fate is in ruins.
It is terrible for I fear for her. It is torturous for me because I remember the rush of her in my arms, our great love and the great fulfillment it brought us, before the change.

A said...

Even my writer does not know how to save me.

Aidan said...

I'm languishing on my author's hard drive.

As usual.

Marc said...

She's busy with this new bloke, Trinidad.

Amy Mertz said...

A: How awful that must be for you. Not knowing your fate. Or do you consider that adventurous and exciting?

I'm stuck in query world in the first novel, and learning how to become a wife and mother in the second. My fate is not happy at the end, but yesterday she was revising some sensual love scenes.

Ah, to be taken out of the saved files and allowed to breathe for a while.

Robert Crane said...

I'm still dead. But I feel alive and hopeful when a query goes out.

Been a long time in between though.

Wynter said...

I'm a new creation. My author got the general gist of my character development on paper, a basic outline of a quest, and wrote the first 500 words in a document. All I have is a name, a familiar, and one lousy scene where I'm standing outside a disreputable tavern, waiting on the scum of an informant to be thrown out.

Man, are my muscles cramping.

Olivia Harper said...

Well, I'm sorry, Faldur, that you've had such a shock recently, but I'm happy to see you and Marenya around. I've missed you both.

And, Candy, I know what you mean about tipping. It can be quite confusing, but on the plus side, you seem to have a secret admirer!

Devi Marconi said...

I can sympathize, Kalila. My author has me stuck in revision limbo, too. Thank goodness for CIC, though - without it, my story might never have moved forward. Sigh.

Fl said...

Well, I'm stuck in the monster's lair until someone will please read the last 35 pages so that the final edits can be made and we can restart the query process.
My author is not good at queries and worse at rejections (11 so far from first round).
So every time she freaks out, I go into new edits.
It's like being stuck in the washing machine.
I'm pretty hot though and if I could just get read, I might be very colorful in a cold rinse too!

A said...

Thanks Amy!
It's just that this is a big transition and my author literally has me in the middle of the ocean.
Once we cross this span, we should make progress again.
She thinks she needs to research this.
She's right and wrong.
In the meantime, it gives me time to brood over my fate. I'll do better when the action happens. But for now, it's soul searching time for me and I'm way way out in the middle of the deep dark ocean.

Diana said...

I've been languishing in limbo for a couple of years now. I'm only web fiction that my author wrote for her own entertainment, but she says I'm one of her all-time favorite characters. She sure doesn't act like it. Why did she abandon my story?

Gabby said...

Today I'm aching all over but that doesn't matter at all. There's always some jerk who's after my place as warlord so I have to put him down, in front of the others, of course. I organized a game of soccer yesterday -no rules as usual - and I concentrated on getting Roscoe any way I could. He's tall and strong while I'm small and fast. but in the end his face was bleeding good and he could barely walk. The other kids cheered me and jumped around.
Cool! They're all scared of me and I hav'ta keep showing them why they gotto stay that way. It's hard but sure a high afterward. Peewee just smuggled me a chunk of chocolate. I'm the man!

Marybeth Littleton said...

Diana, I wouldn't feel too bad. I'm one of my author's all-time favorite characters, too, and I'm still in limbo. Don't despair - authors take breaks for all sorts of reasons... some more sensible than others.