Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social Weekday: Winter Getaway

This winter has been unseasonably cold throughout the United States. Even the Florida Keys aren't as warm as they usually are. And whether you live in this world or another time and space altogether, you might be feeling the winter doldrums, too.

If so, it might be fun to chase away the cold with a winter getaway – perhaps to some place warm, lush, and tropical... perhaps an island paradise like St. Lucia in the Caribbean. There, we can frolic in the water, have a picnic, maybe even build a sandcastle.

So, pack your bags, leave your weapons behind, and let's enjoy some sun, sand, and relaxation together! Authors and characters are all welcome to join in the fun – just don't forget your sunscreen. And, if you're a creature of the night, never fear – the party will still be going well after the sun sets.


Anonymous said...

She stood in front of the airport and could NOT get on a plane. She could not let someone "pat her down." She could not stand for someone else, with little plastic gloves that protected them but that were not changed in between different peoples' belongings, rubbing down over everything personal in her bags: her lipstick, her tampax, her children's pictures.
"I need a personal flying machine," she said. "It would be about perfect if it could levitate me about 1 to 6 inches off the ground. Nothing too scary. I hate rough landings. And then I will need a map. Probably a compass and a star map too. I plan to fly at my own pace.Maybe in a feather sleeping bag. Meet you at a pretty island that way."

Ricky said...

Getting my bunch on a plane ought to be an interesting adventure.

Bo, the security pat-downs are not for fun.

Vic, the limit is three ounces, so leave the blood bags at home, okay?

Kalila, not only are the thigh-high patent boots inappropriate, but you're going to have a heck of a time getting them off in order to go through security.

You know, maybe the plane is a bad idea and I should charter the band a boat.

Olivia Harper said...

Or, better yet, Ricky, perhaps Marc would be willing to swing by with his private jet. He was kind enough to do that for me and Michael when we had that autumn picnic back in September.

This time, Michael and I will take care of our own transportation - we've been dying to use these gift certificates that his folks gave us a while back. Course, I think they wanted us to use the tickets to visit them in Montana, but who wants to go there at this time of year? I'd much rather trade my island paradise for another!

Calvin Mertz said...

Move over people, I'm outa here. Anywhere there's sand and sun. I'd strip down naked to make it through the checkpoint faster if I had to.

Aidan said...

Of course we'll grab the band on our way down. Uncle Julian's busy on the Continent right now, so he doesn't need it. Marc's sort of off making up to Lucy. It's really gross and we're just glad they're not around. Kae and Jason can come, though.

Olivia Harper said...

Terrific, Aidan! It looks like it'll only be a small crew, but we'll have fun nonetheless.

St. Lucia, here we come!

Nutmeg Cross said...

Oh, we'd love to come, Ms. Harper. But Indy and I are kinda poor - a trip to St. Lucia is out of our price range. Have fun without us!

Nutmeg Cross said...
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Olivia Harper said...

Ms. Harper?! Call me Liv, for goodness' sake.

And what a bummer. Our fun in the sun won't be the same without you.

Well, rest assured, you and Indy are welcome to South Padre anytime.

Michael Harper said...

Looks like a winter getaway wasn't too desirable, after all.

Eh, no matter - I've just appreciated the chance to relax for a little while.

Hope the few of us that made the trek enjoyed our time away from our day-to-day lives.