Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quote of the Day: Paul Sweeney

Don't ask me who Paul Sweeney is – I couldn't tell you exactly. All I know is that today is my ninth wedding anniversary, and I've been trying to find an appropriate quote to celebrate the occasion. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a rather daunting task – until, that is, I stumbled upon this quote by one Paul Sweeney...

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.

Hilarious – and yet true – this quote got me thinking about anniversaries in general. Not just romantic ones, but all milestone markers: the anniversary of a particular career, a significant death, an important lifestyle change, or any momentous occasion that, in part, defines us authors and characters.

Do you celebrate any such anniversaries? If so, what?

(And, for goodness' sake, if anyone knows who Paul Sweeney is, please do share. I'm dying to know.)


Aidan said...

We don't even celebrate birthdays in Sentinel, since we aren't supposed to be here anyway.

Happy anniversary!

Laura Martone said...

No birthdays, Aidan? That's awful. Everyone deserves at least one day to kick back, relax, and celebrate being alive.

Flower said...

I did Little Christmas with Unc Will - little fuss, little presents.
We wanted to visit Jam, Sam and Egg but there was too much snow in Scotland.
It is nearly the other anniversary - don't think celebrate is the right word. Unc Will is having a something made for the little grave-thing - like plot but not. He won't say what but we're putting it up - February.

I'm sixteen now that was a little, little birthday.

I hope you have a good anniversary - enjoy it - really, really enjoy it.

Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Flower! If only I weren't sick right now, I would enjoy it. We'll just have to postpone the actual celebration until I'm better.

As to acknowledging the anniversary of a death, it's an important ritual, to be sure - but you're right, "celebrate" isn't really the right word.

Aidan said...

It's not that big a deal I guess. We never did at home either, so I guess I don't miss it. Really, when I got to school and people did, I thought it was weird.

Marc said...

Never fear, Laura. Aidan gets plenty of kicking back and relaxation. Like now. He's been a slug all day.

Aidan said...

You shut up.

Olivia Harper said...

Now, now, boys. Play nice.

bunnygirl said...

Happy Anniversary, Laura!

I don't think my husband and I have ever celebrated our wedding anniversary, and we'll have been married 14 years in April. It just doesn't occur to us. We don't usually do much in the way of birthday recognition, either. It isn't that we don't care, it's more like we forget. Every day is pretty darn special, and we're not ones for making extra fuss.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Ann!

Wow, really? No anniversary or birthday celebrations?

Well, we don't usually do anything too crazy, but we like to mark the occasions.

Still, I can appreciate the idea that every day is special. Congrats on 14 wonderful years with your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Would someone please come over here and kick my husband.

Olivia Harper said...

Um, okay, Anon. For any particular reason? Like forgetting anniversaries perhaps?

Just guessing, mind you.

Kalila said...

Anonymous, I'll smite your husband and set him on fire if you like. I'm assuming he's human, yes? Humans are very annoying.

Let me know the particulars so I can help.

Devi Marconi said...

That's very kind of you, Kalila. It's nice to know you're always willing to help with folks' smiting needs.

I'll have to remember that.

Anonymous said...

Good to know I have kicking back-up.
Start with the birthday kick, (half finished home project still unfinished eight months later), then on to the vacation kick (what vacation?),proceed to the anniversary kick (totally forgotten-although nice save when daughter called him), follow with the Christmas kick (duh, a half-finished, half-baked project done the day before Christmas.)
Some days a girl just wants to cry.
(Amazing man if you never count special days or planning skills.)

Calvin Mertz said...

I never forget my anniversaries. Or birthdays.

There's the day my fest friend and brother of my heart died; and the moment I realized I could now be with the woman I loved.

Then there's the said woman's wedding anniversary to me. And the birth of our children, and her birthday, the day I'm grateful for beyond any other day. Birthday's of my family, the day I got my contractors license, the date I ruined my family and went to prison. The anniversaries of the people I lost in prison . .

I could go on. I never forget an important date. The sad ones I celebrate alone, in my own way. But the happy ones; ah what parties I throw, how much I love to share the joy having family and good friends to share with.

Amy Thompson said...

See why I love Cal? He's so sentimental. He gives his whole heart away without reservation.

I've always hated my birthday - even before my mom died on my 18th. Never seemed a day to celebrate, even when I was a child. But the friends I made after I left home have given me unusual dates to celebrate.

The the woman who was later to become more a sister than a roommate offered me a home (that was Joy); the day I realized I loved Robert, the day I realized I couldn't live without Calvin. Our (Cal and I) wedding anniversary, the birth of our children.

My life is filled with so many happy and devastating anniversaries. After years of focusing on the bad, I finally learned to accept life on life's terms, and see some good in every tragedy.

Like a yard sale slogan: one woman's trash is another's treasure.

Sappy, I know, but, whatever.

Olivia Harper said...

Wow, Anon. That's rough. Does your hubby know how disappointed you are re: holidays and anniversaries? I hate to rub it in, but Michael's wonderful with important dates. Very romantic and surprising.

But, hey, at least your hubby's amazing the rest of the time. :-)

Laura Martone said...

Yeah, Liv, my Danny's pretty good with such things, too. In fact, we'd be celebrating our wedding anniversary this week if we weren't both sick. Blech.

Nutmeg Cross said...

Wow, Cal and Amy, you two sure do celebrate a lot of important events.

As for me, birthdays and anniversaries have never meant much to me. Don't know why. I just figure every day is precious.