Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting to Know You: Valuable Experiences

Since it's Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, let's start thinking about experiences we're thankful to have had!

What have you done that was exciting, fulfilling, or left cherished memories?

What experiences shaped you in valuable ways that make you a better individual today?

Let's all start this week off right by sharing our most valued (and valuable) life experiences!


Gabby said...

Being allowed into the Mystical wood and becoming friends with the Unicorn was my most wonderful experience. Although I am grateful, it has also made my life doubly difficult. In fact I am scared to death of what I may have to do. But I have a choice don't I? It's an awful hard one though! I wish the old man was here to help me. Being a kid is awful hard...sometimes I don't really feel up to it.

Nevin said...

Making the long journey to Salzburg to study music with Maria Anna Mozart was a life-changing experience for me. I'm so grateful she was willing to take me on as a student. She was very talented and patient.

It's a terrible pity that human females were given so little respect in her time. Many of her compositions were much better than those of her brother Wolfgang, but now they've been lost to the world.

Kalila said...

Being able to conjure and manipulate fire has proven useful over the years. I'm grateful to my mother for all those times she took me to the Zoroastrian temple to learn this valuable skill.

candy said...

Coming to America and living with my great aunt was invaluable to me. Made me respect fine things and great music. Made me realize that even a very old person could be beautiful and above all improved my self confidence. She made me believe in myself and my art = in fact-even though she's gone, she's still teaching me.
Nevin, can you not recreate some of Maria's work?

Amy Thopmson said...

Throughout my childhood I learned about alcoholism, sexual and physical abuse. I had no concept of family other than a group of individuals related by blood surviving in silence and fear.

When I met Robert, I learned that not all families abandon each other, and that not every man uses sex as a controlling tool.

From both Robert and Cal, and the love and support of their loved ones, I learned about families. I learned to love and cherish people and look always for something redeemable. Something to like.

I have been just glad to have met all the people in my life. But maybe, particularly, I'm thankful that my brother spent so many years into the effort of mending fences between us, and showing me people can change.

Even me.

Calvin Mertz said...

Ah; I've had so many exciting and memorable experiences, not all of them mentionable in polite company.

The day my little brother was born; from that moment on, I had responsibility, someone other than myself to look after. Hmm, he keeps me grounded when I want to fly right out my mind, end it all.

The day I met Robert in juvy. My surrogate twin. Sittin' in the stands, smokin' reefers and drinkin' beers, betting on our favorite Sprint cars. Who else would allow me to wake him in the middle of the night for coffee and long talks to soothe my restless soul. I miss him still.

The day I stole a kiss from Amy. So much guilt; but my spirits soared, and I knew what real love could mean.

Nothing tops becomming a father. Can't say anything better than that.

Every day I'm alive and getting closer to my goal is a memorable day.

Laura Martone said...

I'm with Calvin - I've had so many wonderful experiences... some not meant for a public forum such as this. Ahem.

But I'd say that quitting my job, selling my furniture, and hitting the road with my fiance (now hubby) and kitty (now deceased) was one of the more valued (and valuable) memories of my life. Without that unusual journey, I wouldn't have my novel... or my career as a travel writer. So, thanks, honey!

Christine H said...

DH and I took a trip to Germany in July, 2001. It was wonderful, including a some time in Bavaria that was the source of a lot of inspiration for my novel. I'm glad we went when we did. Security was so tight then, I can't imagine what it was like a few months later.

We saw streams that were actually aqua-colored... the water running down from the mountains is actually blue like a child's drawing! And we would be standing in a hot city square in the morning, and then bundled up in jackets looking through the clouds from a mountaintop in the afternoon. Amazing!

We didn't get to see Nurnberg Castle, though, because we couldn't read the signs in German and instead of going into the castle, we ended up spending all our time circling the building in the moat. Rats!

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Aidan said...

I'm thankful for Jason and Marc, who apparently would put themselves between me and bullets.

Marc said...

Hey, I never said that! ;)

Aww, I guess I'm thankful for wee little cousins.

Olivia Harper said...

Every day, I'm grateful that I listened to my annoying college roommate and went out to that San Antonio nightclub over two decades ago. Might never have met Michael if I hadn't. What a joyous life I would've missed.


word veri: mating - how appropriate!

Indigo Cypress said...

What amazing memories everyone has! As for me, I think the answer is obvious. My most valuable experience has been this journey with Meg. Every day is a new adventure...

Nutmeg Cross said...

You got that right, Indy.


Okay, weird... My word veri is "scent" - that should be your word, Indy. You're the tracker. And thank goodness for that! :-)