Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dialogue This: Greetings

This is Toby. Welcome, Toby. Welcome to our place here.

Toby would like to greet you. Toby says: "....."

Do you want to say something back? If so, you say: "....."

Two lines of simple dialogue, that will be (dare we say it), out of this world!

Take us to another place: what does Toby say, and how do you answer him?

Dialogue This!

Authors and characters welcome!


Maxwell said...

Alien says: Greetings, take me to your master.

I say: I am your Master. Then I capture it and take it to basement to do study. Then I blow up ship. Boom, boom.

Tz said...


Me: "Um ... hi?"


Tz said...

In part of me and my author, I would also like to thank the kind werewolf who told me how to properly post. Sorry I couldn't get back to you about my reason for stealing the *cough cough* book.

Tz said...

Oh dear me, this isn't just any alien, this is Toby!

Forgive me Toby, for my rudeness. I was thinking of someone else . . .

Candy said...

Candy: Hi, Toby. Do you work here? I heard that French Canadians were different but not that much!

Toby: Canadian? Me? French? What's that? Aren't you scared? Everyone here's scared of us. You're the weird one's. All different colors and such. At least we're all green!

Calvin Mertz said...

Toby says: "URKRATZ...umdter," and raises fourteen fingers to wiggle in front of his long, green, snoutlike face.

"Nano Nano," I reply, also curling my fingers in front of my face.

Amy Thompson said...

Toby says: "URKRATZ...umdter," and raises fourteen fingers to wiggle in front of his long, green, snoutlike face.

"Eeeek," I scream, ducking behind Cal.

Robert Crane said...

Toby says: "Whatwhat, whatwa?"

I blink bleary eyes and mumble, "Dude, you've got to be the ugliest DDT vision I ever saw. That was really a bad on last night. I better go back to be."

Anonymous said...

Hi Toby,

Toby saids hi.

I say hi.

Is that right?


Olivia Harper said...

Toby says: "What is that amazing smell?"

I say: "Why, that's jambalaya, of course! Do you like spicy foods? Here, try it with some Tabasco..."

Toby says: "Thanks. Don't mind if I do..."

I say: "I wouldn't put so much if I were you..."

Toby says: "YEOOOWWWW!!!" (then he hops around maniacally, waving at his burning green mouth)

I say: "Sorry, Toby. I told you not to use so much. Tabasco's great... in small doses." (whispers, "I sure hope he's not gonna blow up the planet now.")

Michael Harper said...

Nice going, Liv.

Daryl Harper said...

Yeah, Mom, way to make friends with alien races.

Olivia Harper said...

I'm sorry, guys. I thought Toby might appreciate a taste of our planet. How was I to know he'd drain the bottle?

Anonymous said...


Tz said...

Can I have some of that stuff? What a great prank that would make....


toby says: how did you get so fat

i say: i really don't know

Olivia Harper said...

Sure thing, Tz! I'm more than happy to share my Tabasco... just remember, a little bit goes a long way. Poor Toby drained that bottle, but I think I have another one around here somewhere.

*rummages in pantry*

(Course, I didn't think I'd need it for another few months. Oops.)

Michael Harper said...

Well, that was kinda rude, Toby. You're not supposed to ask a lady about her weight.

Christine H said...

Toby says: "Live long and prosper."

I say: "May the Force be with you!"

Lt. Spock said...

Toby says: Peace and long life!

Spock says: Live long and prosper!

Alexander said...

At least you didn't give him wasabi, Olivia. That stuff might look harmless, but judging by the face of the last innocent victim who didn't know it wasn't guacamole, it isn't.

You're welcome Tz. Happy to see you again. I still want to know why you stole the *coughcough* book.

As for the topic of the day:

Me: Hello Toby. Welcome to earth. You know I always thought there had to be other life forms out there, we just had to wait for them to come to us. What is it like in space? Where are you from? What is that book? English for dummies?

Toby: W... where is police? ... I ... have lost... my UFO.

Tz said...

Well, Alexander, um, it's kind of um, ahem. Complicated.

I work for a Wizard, and I sorta wanted power so I could become a wizard myself and escape, see.

Well, I stole the dumb *hag* book and, well, yeah. I sorta paid the consequences. *Frowns*

*Glances around* They'd better not catch me saying this.

Trying to return the *cough, cough* you-know-what now before it kills me.

Wish me luck!

Olivia Harper said...

Oh, Alexander, I love wasabi. Definitely a sushi lover at heart.

But, yes, it too goes a long way... and that pretty green makes it look so innocent. Just like Toby... hey, wait a sec.

Laura Martone said...

Reminds me of the time my mom innocently handed me a slice of fresh green pepper at a New Orleans pizza joint, and I only discovered that it was actually a jalapeno when it was halfway down my throat. Needless to say my throat felt like it was filled with a thousand needles and flames - and there was no more pizza to be had after that. :-(