Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome and introduction

Hello. Welcome. I'm so glad that you're here. I've been wanting to meet you in person. Can you start by introducing yourself? Who (or what) are you? I can't wait to hear about it.


Honey said...

Hello. My name is Honey. I'm so glad that we're going to get to know each other. I'm sure we'll be good friends.

I do want to warn you not to fall in love with me. Everyone is always falling in love with me, I not sure why. And I'm very happy for them, because being in love is a very wonderful feeling, in case you didn't know. So, actually, if you want to fall in love with me, that might be okay, because it would feel good for you.

So, anyway, thanks for making me feel so welcome, and I'm so glad because I love to make new friends.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're asking me this question. What the hell is wrong with you?

God, get a grip. Leave me the hell alone.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

In the future, I'm afraid I must ask you not to use the word "hell." That is a very bad word.

Please use the word "heck." This is a much better word.

Thank you, dear. Have a nice day,

Ms. Fettleston

Anonymous said...

What if you don't know who you are?

I don't. I'm such a loser.


Troubadour said...

Ah, wonderful. The chance to escape my trappings as an earthbound ghost to interact with the living in cyberspace.

Perhaps I can enlist your help. There is a certain man whose soul I wish to steal. The bastard ruined my life, back when I had one.

I don't need you to do anything you will find morally objectionable. You can leave that part to me, if you please. I know I do. All I need you to do is to keep Gil Jacobs alive.

He is destined to die, you see, and if he does not, he will not be able to cross over when death claims him, and then he will be mine.

Dark Glasses said...


I know more about killing than I do about keeping folks alive, but I'll help you.

You don't need to pay me. I'll do it for the pleasure.

But only if the guy will suffer. Tell me, will he suffer?

Finley Josephine said...

I'm all about keeping people alive. Or maybe just keeping them from suffering. I couldn't kill him if I tried, really. But Troubadour, without knowing the reason for such vengeance,I'll probably do everything I can to keep him away from you.

Fin said...

And Shadow? Self-deprication is no way to live. Or die. Where's your mother?

Anonymous said...

I don't know where my mother is. Probably off with her friends, where she always is.

Who are you, Fin? Why do you care if I'm a loser?


Fin said...

See, you keep using the word loser. I, in particular, don't care if you're bad at sports or spelling bees, which is all you can mean by loser.

I don't love that you're all miserable because I'm assuming that you're around my age (17) or younger and that the Thing I loathe most in the world, might be enjoying your pain. So what's up Shadow? What the hell happened to you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin,

I'm 15. Nothing much happened to me. I don't think. I don't remember. No one pays much attention to me. That's all.

Why are you being so nice to me?

Fin said...


Because I must. I don't deal well with suffering. I'm too sympathetic. Or empathetic as the case may be. Is. That IS the case, actually.

Can you explain what you don't remember? I mean, how long have you not remembered? And what's your school life like?

Fin said...

Hey Ms. Fettleson,

Hell is a place, not a bad word. Yes?

Shelia said...

My name is Shelia.

I'm a voluptuous (I even come with BIG hair!) tarot reader. I like all the gypsy, sensuality of the profession, even the flashy trailer-trashiness of it all, the hocus pocus, if you will, but surprise (even to me) I have been getting really strong hits of intuition lately and I smell something very strong in the energy.


My boyfriend is a wealthy party-boy in the backwoods, but I am an independent business woman.

I am really annoying and essential to you literary types because I can read the metaphors and the symbology in everything.

Ah yes... even now I sense some of you as future clients.

My writer considers me a supportive character.

Perhaps you will ask me for a reading...

Fin said...


When you were younger, did the teachers all call you Sheila on the first day of school?

Shelia said...

They called me Shelia Ann.
I grew up in the south.

Why, darlin', do you ask?

Curious minds want to know all.

Shelia said...

And by the way Fin, are you a different Fin from Finley (???) and thus a male?

It is time you learned to channel those talents, by the way.

Being an empath, myself, I could lend you some counsel...

that is, if you are willing for me to read the cards and listen to what they may have to say about you too...

(ain't I hard to resist!)

Come on up and try it sometime!

Fin said...


I'm Fin as in Finley but no one calls me Finley unless I'm in trouble. I wondered about your name because mine causes confusion on occasion. I am a girl!

I'm intrigued by the south but no thanks on the cards. Anything about the future that I'm meant to see, I'll see. Literally. Though, I probably shouldn't mention that.

And yes, you are hard to resist. One day you may have pages devoted entirely to yourself.

Shelia said...

Well, Finley (as I suspected), you are in trouble.

You are an empath with dangerous ghosts plaguing you. And, as you are yet an infant (as opposed to infinite), you could surely use the help of a sage or guide who is mature.

Certainly, you believe that I will only confuse and control you, but you are an innocent.

Let me take you under my wing, with all its veils and shawls, and let me show you how to cast a spell of protection, while we gaze deeply to get for you at least a glimpse of your future.

It is laden with riches...


Your path and your destiny depend upon it.

Fin said...

Ah, Shelia. This will sound trite or foolish to you but you're mixed up. The whole reason for my existence is to protect and help you. While a little divine wisdom is always welcome, I'm not quite the feckless youth you'd like to pin me down as.

Or that everyone seems to want to pin me down as. You're writer was right. You're necessary.

Shelia said...

Oh child, I do not think of a gifted youth like you as feckless.

Quite the contrary.

You are a treasure.

And one with a destiny.

But it is not about my protection.I am already proven.

Yet you hide behind your assumptions, so do tell, Miss Progeny, what is this thing you call your connection to me???

And I have drawn you a card! So there! It is the card of the one of swords.

Perhaps you have a single truth. Or perhaps you have a single destiny.

Whatever, you begin by piercing through. Think about that, child.
You are a knight emerging!

writer floundering said...

well the problem here is this:

we can "come in character"

but "WHAT" is the plot?

Without a cohesive plot, all characters will flounder anyway.

Yes, they can drive the plot, but there still must be a vehicle for them to drive.

Fin said...

Okay, Writer Floundering (WF). Yes, you need a plot. Start with an ending. The characters don't need a vehicle. They are the vehicle. They'll tell you how to get to your destination. At least, I do.

Mira said...

Hi writer floundering. Welcome. I started the blog. I completely understand if it doesn't work for everyone, but I thought it might be helpful for some.

The idea is actually to take your characters out of plot. That gives you a way to explore them fully. Then you can bring them back to plot and understand them more deeply.

Although, you don't actually have to use your characters. You can play around with voices to see what develops.

I thought I'd just start each day with a different question, and see what develops. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Maybe there's a way to have some discussions in plot as well.

Mira said...

I'd also like to say welcome to all of the characters that have posted. I'm delighted to see some of the folks who have joined the conversaton here.

If there are gaps in conversation, it may be that people aren't as used to checking back - since this is a new blog. :-)

Also, please feel free to converse with yourself. (I don't mean that the way is sounds.) :-) If you'd like to use this as a space to have a couple of your characters talk to each other, feel free.

I hope this is helpful and fun!

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Fin,

You are correct, dear. Hell is a bad place that you go to when you use the word "hell."

Please don't do either one, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Fin said...

Ms. Fettleson,

You appear to be an ignorant old bitty and I'm fascinated by you. I'm a girl!!! You'll notice the Finley Josephine, followed by the Fin and an explanation to Shelia (the dear) that I am, in fact, female.

Hey! Ms. Fettleson, Shelia reads tarot cards! What are you gonna damn her with?

DESTINY said...

I understand some people have been asking for me. What can I do for you?

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Fin,

I apologize, dear. I'm afraid I stopped reading when you used that bad word.

Please don't use bad words, dear. It is not ladylike.

Tarot readers should not use bad words either, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Anonymous said...

Fin you're a girl?

I'm a boy.

Thanks for being so nice to me.


Marilyn Peake said...


I'm Wiley O'Mara, the main character in a trilogy of children's fantasy adventure novels by Marilyn Peake: The Fisherman's Son, The City of the Golden Sun, and Return of the Golden Age. I'm the fisherman's son, by the way, and I thought I'd drop by for a rest after some rather harrowing escapades. Have you seen Elden the dolphin or Beluga the white whale around here? I'm thinking I might like to swim deep under the ocean with them once again, after my rest. A while back, we rescued six children trapped in a magical air bubble in an ancient city under the ocean. Man, was that exciting! I even had to slay the huge Fire Beast that guarded the city. One of the children we saved was supposed to be King when he grew up, back before a meteor knocked his village to the bottom of the sea. Now, all the kids live with me, and they seem to be adjusting. I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to go down to the ocean and swim with Elden or Beluga, though. See you later. I'd like to leave you with a very special message I first learned from the magical woman, Lucinda:
Drink deeply by land or sea. Earth comes only once.

More information about The Fisherman's Son Trilogy is available on Marilyn Peake's website.

Marilyn Peake said...

Wiley O'Mara here again. I wrote in my last comment, "One of the children we saved was supposed to be King when he grew up, back before a meteor knocked his village to the bottom of the sea." HaHaHa! I should have said his city rather than his village. He lived in a very rich city. I, on the other hand, grew up in an impoverished village. Since we've been bringing up huge amounts of treasure from the ancient city, our village has been doing much better, though. The boys were so nice to share their wealth with us.

Mira said...

Hi Wiley,

I'm so glad that you joined us. You do sound very busy! I'm really looking forward to reading your story - I just sent for it.

I'd also like to say for the record, that links are fine.

Welcome, Wiley!

DESTINY said...

I'm still waiting. What do you want?

Marilyn Peake said...

Thank you, Ms. Mira. I'm so glad I found my way here. I'm having so much fun taking a break from my adventures.
- Wiley O'Mara of The Fisherman's Son Trilogy

Fin said...


We want you to join us in the next post, probably. It's about yearning. I don't yearn for you, but others might. Is that a name or a noun?

DESTINY said...

I did. I always do.

Goran Njiric said...

I'm an old (Don't call me elderly; I'm only 67, I've got a good thirty years to go before I'm dead.) man aboard a patrol ship.

I signed up to join the ship because I have some scruples, and the group that owns the ship had been paying me for years, ever since one of their men shot me when I was seventeen, and took my father off to a prison colony. While they've wronged me, I can't hold a grudge for fifty years against someone who has been so nice.

So I joined one of their ships to assist them in some special program. They actually asked for me by name, so I'm not sure what to expect.

Two things they never tell you about shipboard life, though: It smells terrible, and there's nothing important to do in those long stretches between absolute terror.