Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting to know you: An important question

Okay, here it is. The important question that our teachers and mentors always want to know about you. They tell us we should know this about you no matter who you are, from the greatest hero to the everyman on the street. So here it is, the important question: What do you eat for breakfast?

Assuming, of course, you eat. Perhaps you don't eat, you absorb things by osmosis. Maybe you lick colors or chew oxygen. Or maybe you sit down to a full court meal served by gorgeous half-dressed chiropracters (if that's the case, please invite me tomorrow.) But in whatever way you do it: What do you eat for breakfast?


Fin said...

I eat oatmeal, or baked goods because we are normal-ish. I will go to my backyard now, and get some plums. I will pit them and I will dry them out and Ms. Fettleston, I will send the resulting prunes to you.

Troubadour said...

I will have your soul for breakfast, and the souls of your extended family for lunch and dinner.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Fin,

Why thank you, dear. Prunes are exceedingly good for you. They assist with regularity. How lovely of you to think of me.

I usually have tea, one poached egg and a single slice toast with a pat of butter. On special occasions, I have raspberry jam on my toast. It is quite delicious.


Ms. Fettleston

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Troubadour,

Please do not eat souls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are many reasons for this.

The first is that it is important to have variety in your diet, dear. I don't believe that you will get the proper nutrition if you eat the same thing for every meal. I remain concerned about your digestion.

The second reason is that this is quite an evil thing to do. Please try not to do evil things in the future, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Chicken Little said...

I ate sardines for breakfast. I think I have food poisoning. In fact, I'm sure of it. My heart rate is elevated. My breath is short. I'm going to die. I'm going to die because I ate sardines for breakfast. Help!

DESTINY said...

I do not eat. I know what others eat. I need not watch them eat, because I have decreed it. If it is their destiny to have ham and eggs, then so it shall be.

Pure Fiction said...

I generally have a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes and a cup of Barry's tea while I try to work out what the hell I'm going to wear to work that day. On my calmer mornings, I sit in Aunt Dee's favourite chair and watch the sun come up over the sea.

Poor Chicken Little. You sound like you need looking after - maybe a spot of yoga would help with that anxiety? Or are you too young for yoga?

(ps - (no longer in character) Mira, thanks for hosting this forumn. I hope you don't get too exhausted by the amount of work that must be involved

Marilyn Peake said...

Ms. Fettleston,

You remind me very much of Mrs. Bannon, a kind old woman who took care of me after my mother died and my father went away. (I don’t know if you’re old or not, but you sound very nice.) I come from a poor island where people struggled their whole lives to have enough food to eat; and, yet, she gave me lamb stew and biscuits with honey on the first night I stayed with her. She also gave me two warm blankets and a soft pillow and let me sleep on her couch near the fireplace.

To answer today’s question from Ms. Mira, I love to eat a thick slice of bread covered in strawberry jam for breakfast.

- Wiley O’Mara, main character in The Fisherman’s Son Trilogy

Marilyn Peake said...

The day after trick-or-treating on Halloween night, my Momma always let me eat candy for breakfast. The last time I did that, I had sticky sugar all over my arms and gave my Momma a big kiss with chocolate all over my mouth. That was the beginning of a horrible day. I tried on Momma’s Halloween mask, and it made me do a terrible thing. I have to go now...

- Annie, little girl in Day of the Dead, dark fantasy short story in the Twisted Tails III: Pure Fear anthology

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Wiley,

You are a sweet young boy. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your parents. That is a sad thing for a boy your age.

I am rather elderly, dear. But I always have cookies for the boys in the neighborhood. Just one a day, though, so they don't spoil their appetite.

Don't forget to eat your vegetables, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Mira said...

(Pure Fiction - thanks, but I'm really enjoying it. It's great writing practice.

Btw, I noticed you upgraded your name. Quite computer saavy.)

Marilyn Peake said...

Dear Ms. Fettleston,

Thank you very much for your concern. And thank you for saying such nice things to me. My mother was a wonderful person, and I'll always be heartbroken that she died. My father returned home, and I was very happy about that. I'll try to eat vegetables every day.

- Wiley O’Mara, main character in The Fisherman's Son Trilogy

Chicken Little said...

People eat oatmeal here. Fin eats oatmeal. Pure Fiction eats oatmeal. Maybe I should eat oatmeal instead of sardines. I haven't died yet, but the day isn't over.

I don't know if I'm too young for yoga. Do you think I'm too young for yoga? I've thought of trying yoga, but now I'm afraid that I'm too young.

Anonymous said...

I eat whatever my mom gives me for breakfast. Today, we had french toast with powdered sugar.

Annie, what terrible thing did you do?


Anonymous said...

Hi Fin. How are you today?

I'm having an okay day.


Fin said...


I'm alright. No one's watching me at the moment so that's nice. Did you see my little insinuation that Ms. Fettleston might need a BM? I mean, she's fun and all, but I think there may be a small stick, nay, a twig, in her bum that makes her pass judgement. I thought the prunes might push it along.

If you go to the websites of those bands, you can hear the music. Let it speak to you. They're poets. Whatever you do, don't listen to Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, or anything where girls shake their naked butts around. It won't help you in your current state. I'm glad you sound a little less miserable.

Fin said...

I think we should guess a few terrible things that Annie might have done.

1. Scared a baby in their stroller, making the baby scream and never want to go trick or treating for the rest of their life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin,

Okay. I'll listen to the music. Music helps. Thanks. There are places where girls shake naked butts. How do you get there?

I think Annie put on the mask and did something terrible. Maybe she sucked the baby's blood like a vampire.


Fin said...


My soul might not taste so hot for something like you. And why are you so hateful? Hateful ghosties aren't as fun to befriend as charming ghosties. Don't you want a friend?

Fin said...

Yowza, Shadow! You're definetly a boy. Maybe she shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die!

And stay away from strip clubs. I was implying music videos where girls shake their nearly naked bums. not that you can't watch them, just MUTE them for crying out loud.

Okay, I have one more question. Is Shadow what your family calls you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin,

Nearly naked doesn't sound as good. I like music videos, though.

No my family calls me Rick. I call me Shadow.


Mira said...

Hi Folks,

Let's be alittle careful not to give folks too hard a time. We all need to live together, and we want everyone to feel comfortable here, including evil people.

Ms. Fettleston, you're a dear, but this does include you.


Fin said...

Ms. Fettleson,

Please stop saying things that get your comments deleted (if you did). It's OBVIOUSLY not polite.


T. Anne said...

Eggs and turkey sausage maybe if I'm real good a hash brown ;) when I'm not eating a banana.

Goran Njiric said...

Ohho. Breakfast.

Today I had a bagel and some surprisingly fresh fruit for breakfast. The nutritionist doesn't let me choose my own meals yet, she says I'm too out of shape. I didn't expect this mess when I joined up with the Patrol, but I suppose it's what I get for thinking that they'd leave me be at my current weight.

Anyone else here trapped with a miserable taskmaster watching over their diet?

Fin said...


Where are you from? I wonder because you said "Patrol". I personally have the other problem. I'm built like a twelve, maybe ten year old boy. But I'm a girl.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

Oh, I'm sorry dear. It's just that the young need so much guidance, you know. Especially evil young people who eat souls for breakfast. But I shall try to do better in the future, dear.

Now, I imagine that it's past your bedtime. I do hope you're in your bed all snug and warm.

Good night, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Goran Njiric said...

Ah. There are many like that on the ship I serve on now. Everyone wants someone smaller, less massive, so that it's cheaper to move the ship around. You'd likely fit in well here, actually.

I'm from a glorified gas station between the civilized world and the maddened fringe. I spent all sixty-seven years of my life there, fat and happy. I decided to leave the island I was on, and was offered a position on one of the patrol ships stopping by.

I took it, but I'm not sure if I'm taking advantage of them, or if it's the other way around.

Mira said...

Ms. Fettleston, you're a dear. I'm going to bed now.

Hi Fin, to be fair, no I didn't delete one of her posts, it was someone else who deleted one of their posts. But then I just completely deleted it, I'm not sure how. I'm still learning this blog thing.

Welcome to the newbies - truly lovely to have you! :-)

Okay, okay, I'm going to bed.

shy said...

'When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,' said Piglet at last, 'what's the first thing you say to yourself?'

'What's for breakfast?' said Pooh. 'What do you say, Piglet?'

'I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?' said Piglet.

Pooh nodded thoughtfully. 'It's the same thing,' he said.

- A. A. Milne

Chicken Little said...

Goran -

Are you sure you should have done that? Left the ship? It sounds dangerous. Fat and happy sounds pretty good. I wouldn't mind being fat if I was happy. Maybe you should get off the ship. It sounds dangerous. I saw a movie once where there was a ship and the alien came out of the stomach. It was scary. Maybe you really should get off the ship.

Goran Njiric said...

Heh. Not sure at all, no. getting less sure by the moment. My handler tells me it's a normal pre-launch feeling.

It is dangerous, but that's something of a draw. I've never done anything terribly dangerous before. I suppose it's time to try.

And aliens? That's silly. They don't exist in any big way in the solar system, unless microbes are your thing. Don't listen to those people protesting about the aliens in Saturn and Jupiter. They're all nuts.

Dreamers Dream said...

ah i love your blog!
these are some of the questions i should sometimes be asked- than never.
It took me a while to answer myself to a couple of questions you posted bellow.


&&, i just chew oxygen
at school i like to eat lunch when im hungry, not when i already have food in there

♥ hailey

Mira said...

I'm glad you like the blog, hailey. Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

Christine H said...


While I was being held prisoner, the only meal I got was breakfast. Which was a little lumpy cereal with some nuts or dried fruit sprinkled on top. This was not from the courtesy of my hosts, but from the servant who was kind to me.

At home, I usually have biscuits, eggs and a steaming hot mug of tearoot.

If we can make a fire, it's tearoot, nuts and hard biscuits. If we can't, it's water, nuts and hard biscuits.

Dominic-Anne Smith said...

It's very rare that I eat breakfast . When I do I could care less what I eat ,as long as it is food.