Monday, May 3, 2010

Emote This: Disappointment

We all face disappointments in life. Sometimes love, work, friendships or family matters go awry and we're left with feelings of sadness and frustration.

How does disappointment make you feel? Does it make you want to flee to a dark room and hide, or does it inspire you to charge back into the fray and make things come out right? Do you have a strategy for dealing with disappointment?



Aidan said...

How come I always go first? I guess it's because I'm up the latest.

I don't really know how I act, or if I act a certain way. Kaelin gets moody and dangerous, like killing someone might make him feel better.

Kaelin said...

You pout.

And killing fullbloods always makes me feel better.

Aidan said...

I don't POUT. WTF?

Marc said...

You do. And there's nothing sadder than an enormous demon with his bottom lip stuck out--Oi! Enough hitting for one morning. Haven't had me tea yet.

All right, m'lord. You asked for it now.

Marenya said...

I was deeply disappointed when Faldur never came back to see me after... after Midwinter.... and... and what happened between us. I tried very hard not to show it, but everyone knew, apparently. So I decided to leave for good with Pelwyn when she married, and try to start over somewhere new.

Faldur said...

When Harth betrayed me, I was so angry I nearly killed him. I couldn't fathom how, after all this time, he could have been so weak as to believe Chalmeth's threats. I know he thought he was doing it for my own good, to protect me, but why couldn't he come to me and tell me outright? How could he not see that it was better that we face it together?

But then, there are ways of striking fear into a haman that have no relation to sense or reason. I pity him for that. And I miss him.

There is nothing for it but to keep going on, day by day, and try to find another to take his place.

Aidan said...

Marenya, you're a good listener. I could see myself coming to talk problems over with you.

That would help if I was disappointed.

Marenya said...

You are very welcome to come any time, Aidan. I would enjoy that.

Candy said...

I was disappointed when my great aunt drowned herself and couldn't come on the trip with me. Actually I'm not sure if that was disappointment -sadness, fear, shock more like.
I was disappointed when being Goth turned out not to be as cool as I expected. Then I just felt mad all the time.
Y'know I think my most pure disappointment was when I won an art show at school and showed the painting to my Mum. She barely gave it a glance, just said,"Humph, was that really the best they got?"
I went all small and shriveled inside. Didn't paint again for ages either and quit trying in school.

Laura Martone said...

Yeah, Candy, that's some serious disappointment. Makes my problems seem miniscule by comparison.

My biggest disappointment is often in myself. I'm such a perfectionist that I'm always late with everything. Perhaps that explains why it's taken me a decade to finish my novel... and seven weeks longer than promised to finish my latest travel guide. Argh.

Christine H said...

Hey, Laura, chin up. I'm chronically late, too. But I think my problem is that I am a detail person, and I get distracted by little things so that I lose track of time and/or deadlines.

I'm writing this afternoon so that I'll have something to post tomorrow. One more week of school and I'm done! Hooray! Well, I'm teaching a summer class but that won't start for a couple of weeks.

Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Christine! I needed to hear that today. ;-)

P.S. I look forward to reading your new scene tomorrow. Until then... nighty-night!

Donna Hole said...

Deadlines make me nervous. I need them to get me motivated, to get things done, but I get so disappointed in my self for putting things off.

I too am a chronically late person. A self sabotager with disappointment.

But eventually the feeling wears off, and I start something else. Getting back on the horse that threw me is not my style.


Calvin Mertz said...

Killing someone - now that sounds like my kind of coping. Would disappoint Amy though, and I can't have that.

I shrug it off for as long as I can. Eventually though, it all builds up until I snap. Then I use, run, get lost in it.

Yep, killing something looks better and better the longer I think about this. Drop me a line next time you go hunting Kae.

Olivia Harper said...

Wow, Calvin, your head sure goes to a dark place at times. What inner demons you battle!

Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Donna. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who despises deadlines. I need them, too, or else I'd never stop trying to make my projects "perfect" - whatever that means - but still, I despise them. They give me tummy aches and shoot my blood pressure sky high.

Guess life is filled with such conundrums. Well, poop.

Aidan said...

Hey Calvin, just a word to the wise...
He hates being called Kae. No one else does.

That's why I do it, of course. But call him that at your own peril.