Friday, April 20, 2012

What If... You Found Yourself on a Sinking Ship?

Last May, I posed the question, “What if... you were stranded on a remote island?” Well, after last week's well-publicized centennial of the tragic Titanic sinking, I've thought of another ocean-related scenario.

What if, like the unfortunate souls aboard the ill-fated “ship of dreams,” you suddenly found yourself on a quickly sinking vessel in the middle of the unforgiving sea? Would you resign yourself to your fate or fight to save yourself and those you love? If it's the latter, how would you accomplish this feat, given the unfortunate lessons learned from the Titanic's maiden (and final) voyage?

All authors and characters are welcome to share their thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Hard to know, isn't it? Gabby says he'd try to save the unicorn but to heck with the people, while Kendra tells me she'd trust Toko to think of something and at least he'd keep spirits up while playing his flute -which is lovely, by the way.Lady Abigale while trying to save her beloved dead husband's portrait would be actually saved by him as it would serve as her liferaft.
And Candy, with all her Goth make up washed off ,would run around putting little kids into lifeboats not thinking of herself at all.

Laura Martone said...

It IS hard to know what you'd do in a pinch - although I'd like to believe that I'd be as noble as Candy. :-)

Of course, my husband, Dan, is utterly convinced that we would've survived the Titanic sinking - using one of those handy dining room tables and several tied-on life jackets. I sure hope he's right!

Robert Crane said...

I'd die on my knees before God, begging for forgiveness. I'd hope Amy would see the light with me, so we could be together in Heaven.

If my Bro Cal were with us, I know God would give him the strength to save us. I can always count on Cal to do the right thing.

Calvin Mertz said...

Your confidence in me is overwhelming Bro.

*thinks to self: I'd have that long denied kiss with your girlfriend at the first opportunity and hang the afterlife*

I admire Jack's survival spirit, and I'm sure I'd find a way out - though I wouldn't reject God's intervention at all. I wouldn't go down without at least attempting to save us all. And if I died saving Amy and Robert, then I'd die a contented man, knowing my two best friends had a chance at happiness in this life.

No sacrifice is to great for love.

Olivia Harper said...

Well, as an atheist, I can't say that I agree with Robert's plan. I'd definitely spend more time trying to save my family - and less time making deals with "God" - but of course, that's just me.