Monday, July 25, 2011

What If... You Had All the Time in the World?

I can't believe it's been two weeks since our last conversation. But, then again, as the only active site moderator, I must admit that it's not always easy keeping up with my commitment to Come In Character. Unfortunately, as much as I love escaping into my fictional worlds, travel guide deadlines must come first. Of course, I'm sure that other authors (as well as their characters) understand the bothersome necessity of priorities – icky as they may be.

Still, CIC is never far from my mind – as are the works-in-progress that are currently gathering dust on my office floor. Like many of us, I wish that I had more time in the day to accomplish everything on my ever-growing to-do list, but alas, time is finite... or is it?

After all, so much concern over priorities has led me to wonder:

What if time wasn't an issue? What if you, in fact, were immortal and had all the time in the world? What would you do with it?

All authors and characters – including the immortal ones – are free to answer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

What If... You Forgot Who You Were?

Whether you're a kayaking instructor, a famous chef, a creature of the night, or something else altogether, your memories are as critical as your genes in making you the person – or entity – that you are today. Consequently, it would be awful if you were suddenly struck with amnesia – and couldn't remember any of the experiences, people, and beasts that have helped to shape you.

So, authors and characters, I ask you:

What if you suffered a sudden case of amnesia? Would you try to figure out who you were, or would you use the opportunity to refashion your life?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's Happening Now?

Late October was the last time that we had a character update, and I'm sure a lot has happened since then. So, hopefully, you'll welcome another round of “What's Happening Now?” – a chance for characters to reveal their current, or at least most recent, whereabouts. In this way, authors can share what's happening within their stories by speaking through their characters' unique voices.

So, let's hear it, ladies, gents, and creatures! What have you done over the past eight months or so? Fought any ruthless tyrants? Stumbled upon any hidden treasures? Found yourself amid any breathtaking, hard-to-forget landscapes?

Feel free to spill any and all of your latest adventures, and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!