Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your World: Seasonal Phases

In Earth's northern hemisphere, today marks the summer solstice – the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. Of course, that doesn't mean that every place experiences the exact same climate. Consider the difference between Alaska and Louisiana. The sun is “up” a lot longer in a place like Anchorage, but the weather is much hotter in New Orleans.

That got me wondering about other countries – and other worlds. Authors and characters, do your homes have distinct seasons? If so, what are they like – and do you celebrate the start of each?


Laura Martone said...

Wow, I guess seasons aren't a terribly interesting topic among authors and characters.

As for me, I wouldn't say South Padre Island has really distinct seasons. It's windy all year and especially hot in the summer - but I can swim in the gulf almost every day. Don't think I could handle a REAL winter!

Olivia Harper said...

Uh, dear author, did you mean for me to say all that about SPI - since I'm the one who actually lives there?

Laura Martone said...

Oops. Darn Blogger.

Olivia Harper said...

It's okay. We all do goofy things sometimes... and it's easy to get flustered when no one else seems to be participating.

Sad as it is, maybe CIC really has run its course.

Laura Martone said...

Yep. Maybe.

Calvin Mertz said...


My author has been in her own seasonal funk.

The weather has that effect on her. Her day job becomes more demanding when it rains, as more people are applying for aid when they cannot work the fields.

Then there is the crash in the housing market - which concerns me personally, in my fictional world.

I think my author has put us away for the season. We've garnered no interest in the query realm, and she has other projects to focus on.

Things that perhaps the seasonal climate of the publishing world will accept.

I will brood and smoke; Robert will pray and drink, and our mutual love Amy will cook, and worry.

Perhaps she will carry the torch of hope, that we will one day see clear skies and bright sunny days, and again bask in the warmth of possibilities.

This darkness and gloom sets my nerves off. I wish . . I hope . .
I wallow in the storms of despair.

Laura Martone said...

Oh, Cal, I can certainly understand your author's point-of-view. I'm in my own writing funk of sorts, struggling to finish my New Orleans travel guide while fretting over my novel and the possibility that traditional publishing simply won't be possible in this economic climate. But all I can say is that I still hope for the best - for me, for you, for your author and her other characters, and for everyone else who's ever spent their time and shared their visions, experiences, and struggles at CIC.

Thanks for the wonderful memories - and good luck in the future!

Candy said...

My author's husband just died of leukemia so she is too preoccupied to settle into my world at the momentI i'm afraid.

Laura Martone said...

Oh, my goodness. That's terrible. I'm so very sorry to hear that - and I'm sorry, too, that I only noticed your comment right now.

You certainly have my condolences - and my complete understanding. Of course, I can't possibly express my sorrow for you in this woefully inadequate forum, but please know that I sympathize with you and hope for the best. Obviously, you have much to focus on right now... and if and when you're ready, your fictional world will be waiting for you, perhaps even helping you to heal.