Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Forum Game: Have You Ever?

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to play a question game called "Have You Ever?" It works like this: I'll ask a question, and the next person has to respond to it and ask a new question.  Here we go:

Have you ever swum in the ocean?


Abigail said...

Yes...well, I was playing on the beach when a wave came and swallowed me up. Thankfully, my sister was out there to catch me.
Have you ever had a family member die?

Candy said...

Not in the ocean, thank goodness, and never violently that I know of.
Have you ever been in a fire or flood?

Ginger said...

Once my mom's oven caught on fire when she was making a turkey and the grease spilled on the bottom. The whole house smelled like smoke. But it didn't spread, thank goodness.

We get flooding on a regular basis in summer here by the shore, when the tide is high and we get really strong rains. But nothing catastrophic.

I'm lucky to have a fairly normal life without disaster.

Well, until recently. But I won't get into that.

Ummm.. what's a good question? Have you ever stayed in a castle?

Jason said...

I have, though it was decades ago. What a party.

Have you ever taken a bullet?

Calvin Mertz said...

I've swam in the ocean; its very cold at Ft Bragg, CA. But it was fun, and cuddling by the fire later was a bonus.

Haven't been in a fire or flood, but my cousin set a meth lab/flop house ablaze in my honor. Wish I could have witnessed that; would have made the revenge much sweeter.

A man's home is his castle; I build homes for people. I like to believe I build dreams for them as well.

Oh yeah, I've taken a bullet. Many times. Not always willingly, but it comes with the territory. Personally, I prefere to be on the shooting end of bullets.

Have you ever had to choose between what was right, and what was justified?

Nutmeg Cross said...

Why do I always get the hard questions?


I'm too young to have made such life-and-death decisions, but I suppose the "right" thing to do would have been to stay with my father and not run away from home. But, given how bad things were getting between us - and my lifelong desire to know my mother (who left when I was very little) - I felt "justified" in running away, in spite of the worry it caused him.

Is that what you meant, Cal?

Okay, so it's my turn!

Have you ever eaten something you caught, killed, and cooked yourself?

Calvin Mertz said...

Close enough Meg :)

And to answer your question; oh yeah. And no, it didn't taste like chicken.

Except the chicken. There was this thing I went to while in Mexico, and part of the fun was to chase a chicken, and the winner . .

Well, that was one story, hahaha.

Robert Crane said...

hehehe; I caught the pizza dough, skewered a few escaping olives, threw the whole mess in an oven, and ate the overcooked mess all by myself.

Not what ya meant, lol. Well, Cal took me deer hunting with him and his cousin Daryl one time. I'm not one to rise and shine early, but I had my freezing butt in that perch with him when the perfect 9 pointer? 12 pointer? Hell, he was beautiful whatever his final count.

Cal drew a bead on him, held his breath, looked up at me and winked. So he says. I was to captivated by the stag, the beauty of one of Gods perfect critters, just going about his oblivious life. A gloriously uplifting moment. God was within my reach.

Cal says if he hadn't looked away at just that moment, he'd have gotten the shot instead of Daryl. I know he hesitated for me. Otherwise, he woulda' ate his share at camp that night.

The can of Van Camps and spam was tasty enough for me-

Yo, Bro! Cal. Where ya going? Ah man, didn't mean to embarrass you. Wait up . .

David Jace said...

Uhmm, how do I play the game if there isn't a question asked by the last person that answered?

*thinks ponderously*

OK, here's my answer: 42 (that should cover about everything)

Have you ever done something you were embarrassed to admit, but secretly enjoyed?

Aidan said...

Marenya has. Not so much me.

Have you ever slept in a haunted castle?

Saxen said...

You copied Ginger's a bit, my lord.

But I've slept in a castle.

Well, in the dungeon. Don't know if it was haunted, but I know I didn't sleep well for those five years.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't trust?

Nutmeg Cross said...

Well, my father might say I shouldn't trust an Indian I met on the road, but I love Indy more than words can say... and I think my father WOULD trust him if I'd only let them meet.

Now, it's my turn, right?

Uh, have you ever lost something precious?

Marenya said...

Yes, I lost the gloves Faldur gave me. They were green leather, like the Rangers wear. I know he didn't think much of the gift, but I wore them all the time. Especially during those four months when he avoided me.

Have you ever avoided someone you loved?

Candy said...

OK, I'm popping in again cause I lost my precious aunt when she disappeared off the end of the boat.
And I guess I loved Brian, the rock star I ran off with and lived with in London. He turned out to be a jerk.
I secretly enjoyed it when little kids cried, scared of my Goth look and though I never slept in a haunted castle my friend Rosemary grew up in one and I have slept in a haunted house, (He was a friendly ghost though.)
And David, 42 sounds pretty good. Something nice about the sound of it.
Have you ever dreamed something that came true?

Aidan said...


Every night.

Have you ever had a nightmare that didn't come true?

Amy Thompson said...

Oh Mareyna and Candy, I just can't resist.

Yes, I avoided someone I loved for many years. My mother, because I couldn't stand to see her so beaten by my father. And my brother . . it was so complicated. There we were, supposedly in the same bad life, and he never once tried to save me. Then he ran off at the first opportunity, leaving me alone. That was so many years ago; so much wasted time between us. I'm so glad he didn't abandon me when I was arrested.

I dreamed of a loving family, Candy. A man who wouldn't hurt me, and kids that adored their father. I had it all for a time. Still do in many ways. Its not always recognizeable, but Wow, when it hits me how happy I am sometimes, I just can't believe it all.

Oh no, now I have to ask a question. Hmmm, well . .

Well, when was the last time you were truly happy?

Olivia Harper said...

Well, Amy, I AM truly happy - so that's a hard question to answer. It implies that I'm not happy now - and, I'm delighted to say, that that just isn't the case.

Now, have you ever discovered a life-changing secret about someone you loved?

Laura Martone said...

I believe Nutmeg answered Saxon's question last time... but I'll just say that my mom probably didn't think I should trust my husband when I first met him. Long story.

Anyway, is it just me or have seven or so comments disappeared in the past few days? What's been happening with Blogger lately?

Okay, back to the game at hand...

Have you ever lived underground?

Princess Gemma said...

I have lived underground... For nearly as far back as can remember. The goblins captured me when I was small, and I have been stuck down here for years as the goblins' slave.

It isn't so bad, mostly, but I have vague memories of a brighter, happier place. The happiest place for me now is the underground lake that the goblins won't go near.

Have you ever dreamed of escape and happiness only to know that it will never be?

Aidan said...

This isn't really a question like we're supposed to ask, but we can try to rescue you, if you want, your highness.

Devi Marconi said...

That's very gentlemanly of you, Aidan. I hope you're able to help Princess Gemma.

In the meantime, Gemma, I thought I should answer your question (since Aidan, um, didn't).

I actually live underground, too, but happily, there are no nasty goblins in Ruby Hollow. We do, however, have an underground lake.

Anyway, as to your question, I have indeed dreamed of escape and happiness - and back then, I thought it might never happen. But, wonderfully, it did. Hopefully, it will happen for you, too. Never lose hope, Gemma - sometimes, that's all we have to keep us going.

Now, to everyone, have you ever mastered a musical instrument?

Abigail said...

Yes, everyone in my world does.
Have you ever done something other people think is foolish but you had to do it?

Nutmeg Cross said...

Well, Abigail, I'd say that running away from home might be considered foolish by most people, especially my father. But, simply put, I had to go. Things were too tense at home - and besides, I felt an overwhelming urge to find my mother, who left us when I was little.

Have you ever eaten something you'd long craved for, only to regret it?